Behind the Smile: Chapters 16 to 18 (The End)

Yeah, I know I wrote a kinda ridiculous story and bled your eyes with my grammar mistakes. This is the end and I hope you guys enjoy it.
Chapter 16: Plan

Beth was cleaning the table when she dropped the vase accidentally. She grumbled about her own clumsiness and the shard of glass pricked her palm. She stared at her own hand that already gathered a pool of blood. She thought about what more to come.


The old man was smoking a cigar while looking at Alice. Now, they’re alone in the old man suite. The suite already prepared for the people who had been invited to the party.

Puffing the smoke, he rested comfortably on the chair, as of waiting something from her. Sensing that she had to do something to please the old man, she started to walk towards the old man. She sat on his lap and in an instant, the old man’s hand steadies her by reaching his arm and stay at the waist. Although the back of her hair already stand, she ignored it. We must finish all this.

The old man started to grin and she secured her knife behind her back.
Touching the old man’s face, she smiled at him...

"Do you want more?" She drawled.

The old man nodded vigorously and started to reach for her skirt. Using this opportunity, she quickly stabbed the old man at his rib. He screamed in agony and blood spurted. Alice tore the hem of her dress and tied his mouth to avoid the screaming that started to become louder. She quickly covered her dress with her shawl and walked calmly towards the exit. Ivan already waiting for her and smiled warmly. Alice started to grin and went towards him.

"That is what I like about you Mister. Always showing up when I was least expecting you," Alice playfully playing with his collar.

Ivan smiled and grabbed her hands. He leaned closer to Alice. Alice was shocked and she drew her breath.

"Better we go, miss runaway mistress or we will be dead," Ivan smiled.
Behind them, there is a commotion and Alice grinned to Ivan.
"Let's go then."


Beth was steadying herself by holding the chair that was nearest to her.

"What are you talking about Sapphire? You are joking right?" Sapphire looked at her sadly.

"I am serious Beth. Look, I tried my best to help you but they just don’t listen to me. Perhaps the guy who wanted to buy you really paid a huge sum of money."

"How much time I have before that guy come to get me?" Sapphire just looked at Beth.

"Unfortunately Beth, it’s now."

The door was banged open and the man grabbed Beth’s arm and dragged her from the room.

"Noo!! Sapph! Help me!! Tell this guy to let me free!!" Beth screamed.

"I’m sorry Beth," Sapphire whispered sadly.

Beth was busy struggling to release herself when the men suddenly stopped. Bewildered, she looked at in front of her.

"Alec," She uttered the name that she tried to scratch from her mind. She could not believe herself. In front of her, Alec stood as handsome as ever.

The men already released her arms. She hugged Alec and smiled.

Alec looked at her gravely.

Without a word, he went inside the Limousine and Beth followed him with confusion.


Chapter 17: Betrayal

"No. I cannot believe this," Alice said as she shook her head furiously.

"Yes Alice, you should believe about Alec," Ivan said as he cupped Alice’s face. Alice pushed him away.

"Tell me this Ivan. You are under him?"

"Yes. But no more. I left everything because I wanted to save you Alice."


Beth fiddled with the hem of her gown nervously. She was worried about her appearances in front of Alec. She ran through her hair consciously.

"Wh… where are we going Alec? We are going home, isn’t it?"

Alec kept silent.


Alec sighed and looked outside. After a while, he looked at Beth with a smirk.

"Come on Beth. You are one little naive girl, aren’t you?"

"What do you mean Alec?" Beth had a sinking feeling. She felt that this Alec is not her Alec anymore. She tried to not tremble under his cold icy gaze.

"Little Beth. What makes you think that I come to help you get out from that whorehouse?"

"You… to save me?"

"Wrong little Beth. You are so wrong. It's just that thing meddle with my game, so I have to clean up the mess you see." Alec started to smirk wider.

"That tale I told you I ran away from Felix? True but you did not hear the rest yet. Let me tell you something. I ran away and I did not have enough food and money Beth. I was starving. When I tried to steal, I was caught right away and guess what? I found my savior. He is who I called my father. The one who caught me stealing and he brought me up little Beth. He is my idol." Alec eyes brightened when he said it. Then he shook his head.

"However, that father of mine is a dangerous one. He is a mafia and I was under his protection. It was a bliss you know," he drawled and touching the glass.

"To be able to have a complete control on everything." Alec smiled.

"But Alec…"

"Shut up woman!!" Alec threw the glass at her and it smashed right next to her. Beth stated to tremble.

"Ahh… nostalgic... You know what Beth? Under him, I was trained to be an analyst and a bloody good strategist for his position. He installed me into becoming a monster Beth and I like it. I am a killing machine you know.

Now, I ran his business after his death and guess what? I remembered about the people I left behind! Alice, you and Felix!!"

"Oh that Felix. That stupid Felix. I was having my fun when you all started to get to know me and he spoiled it. By selling both of you. I was planning carefully on when and where to stumble with both of you separately. I even become that bloody hairdresser to accomplish it." Alec crossed his legs.

Beth was shocked. Now everything is starting to piece together. About how perfect the timing was.

"After he sold you Beth, I killed him. I was waiting long enough for it. Now, it is your turn little Beth."

Beth was numbed.

"You are... going to kill me Alec?"

Alec started to lean his body towards Beth.

"No Beth. I want you to suffer all the way Beth. Personally I did all this just to experience when you hurt somebody you know," Alec grinned devilishly.


Chapter 18: The End

Beth was struggling.

"No Alec. No! You can’t do this to me Alec!!"

"Release her, boys. The buyer did not come yet."

After being released she quickly went towards Alec and hugged his arm tightly.

"I love you Alec. I love you all this while! So, please..." Alec stiffened.

She cupped Alec’s face. Alec looked at her without emotion.

"Please Alec. Let me go… please…" Beth was not able to say anything because her voice broke and she started to sob.

"Beth. I like you once Beth. But you're not worth my time anymore. You are a dirt." Alec looked at her coldly and detached himself from her grasp.

"Alec... why are you like this.. you are cruel… demon!! I love a demon all this while!" Beth screamed.

With that Alec left the place leaving Beth screaming loudly to him.

His phone rang and he quickly took the call.

"What? Ivan turned his back towards us? What do you mean, you could not find him and Alice? Find him!" Alec snapped his phone shut and he clenched his jaw.

Oh boy. There is more mess to clean up.


In other place, Alice was looking at the sky.

The rain already stopped and the rainbow emerged. It was beautiful.

She wished that Alec will help Beth and both of them together now. Mafia or not, he must help both of them. It is strange why Ivan is with him in the village she and Beth lived. Must be what it’s called fate. She hoped that Alec, Beth and her will be together once more. Oh and with Ivan too. She smiled happily.

"Alice! Come on babe or we are going to be late!" Alice snapped from her thought. Gripping her passport and ticket tightly, she linked her arm with Ivan’s.

"Do we have to run away Ivan? That old man would not catch us you know," Alice sulked.

Ivan kissed her forehead.

"Alice, that old man is definitely going to come after you like crazy. You stabbed him remember? So, come on. We are going to be late. We will start a new life at new place okay," Ivan looked at Alice.

Alice smiled and pinched Ivan’s cheek.

"Okay, okay. I will go."

Ivan threw one last worried look at the departure hall before he entered the plane with Alice. Behind Alec's smile, there is a demon in him. Ivan hoped that Alice will not know about it because she looks up at Alec. Ivan can only wish that Beth will be safe from Alec. For now.

The End
Published: 10/26/2012
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