Being A Man Like Saint - Chapter One

New story :) Tell me if it's actually worth writing please.. It's different from my other story thanks... Damien Saint lives with the skeletons in his closet locked tightly away.. What will happen along the way of getting past them?
Sometimes when you fall, you get used to the feeling. It seems unreasonable but it is something you are unable to change. That's what happened to the poor, breaking soul of Damien Saint. He fell deep into the dark despairs of his breaking heart and there was practically no escape. He had tried everything. His lifestyle became different. Personality, thoughts, and even changed the way he looked and made himself into a robot for others' likings. Damien Saint wasn't real anymore. He didn't accept it but he was already a prisoner in his existence. His heart was completely shattered from that thing called love. It was useless to him. Through it all, he had hope for love. It was deep down inside his dark memories with no chance of breaking free. Even if it was his choice, he gave up. His last memory of love was fading as the minutes turned to hours and the hours turned to days. In his deep memory, he saw a smile. It was acting so warm toward him and he didn't know why. He couldn't see the face of the person besides from their beautiful smile. He yearned to feel the love in a smile again. He knew his hope for it was dying quickly. Within a little amount of time, it would have faded completely and that smile would be gone. He didn't know if he wanted that memory stuck with him forever or to let go of it. It wasn't up to him.

Blood trickled down his tanned arms and a stinging pain shot up through his head. Someone had taken a shot at him and the bullet had grazed his arm. Why was this happening now? In the distance he heard another explosion and looked up to view it. Smoke rose from the building next to him and he prayed the dreary storm clouds above were able to extinguish the flames. He ran from his place; gun in hand, toward the building. Screams filled the air and he followed them. Time was ticking and he needed to fix the problem. He looked at the building and stared at a solution. He needed to find the person inside the building that was important to his mission. He didn't need the others. The rest of them were useless criminals. He ran into the building, the fire sweeping from the top to bottom. As he looked from left to right he saw nothing but flames. He found stairs and headed to the sounds of shouting coming from above him. He quickly raced to the room at the top of the stairs and kicked the door in. Inside was a grisly sight of a man burning on the floor.

The blue flames consumed his body and char coaled the tidbits left of his face. Damien holstered his gun back and found a fire extinguisher. He doused the flames and crouched down to view the man more. He wasn't who Damien was looking for. This man was their accomplice who had run shorthanded. He guessed their deal had been a total bust and caused the person Damien was looking for to burn down the place. He looked around for important things that would have led to a complete termination of his mission. He grabbed a laptop nearby and took pictures of the body with a camera. He had almost forgotten the flames crackling around him and fled down the stairs again. He walked away from the building and a dead silence filled his ears. The flames died away and black smoke filled the sky. He had managed to escape this operation with fewer cuts than the last one. Whoever had made shot at him from afar was good. The bullet grazed his arm and within an inch would have blasted a hole into his arm.

He heard his radio beep and listened to his commander's cold voice cut through his thoughts. "Saint, you better have a good reason for disobeying my orders! I said do not go into that building but instead you go in and act all macho. Do you know how much you've endangered our system? We've kept out of the confidential business for a while and we might as well have the CIA and the FBI on our tails. What do you have to say for yourself!?!?" his commander screamed. Damien chuckled lightly and placed his radio back onto his belt loop. He didn't have to respond. The commander needed Damien's help in these stake outs. She wouldn't risk going overboard on her questions and ranting if she needed him as much as did. He looked around at his surroundings. The deserted area consisted of that one building and empty, rundown houses opposite of it. Damien headed to the house he had camped out in for the last week. He knew he was the only one left in the area. He thought a chill would have run through his spine at the thought but nothing happened.
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Published: 5/3/2011
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