Being a Real Man

This poem tells about being a real man. Although this is not a complete description... Nevertheless, I want to share it with you. Thank you.
Being a real man,
Doesn't put shame on his tears,
Needs a loving woman,
Who has open mind and ears.

Being a real man,
Doesn't always drink beer,
As it's not his game plan,
To cast away his fear.

Being a real man,
Is not about who is tough,
But being good enough,
According to the Holy Quran.

Being a real man,
Doesn't make a master plan,
Or use ferocious acts of terror,
To shut down a system error.

But, what makes a real man?
It's simply his heart of gold,
And doing all the best that he can,
To help those who are young and old.
Published: 5/29/2013
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