Being Alone...

This is a short poem when I was alone in my house and my parents were out.
I am alone, sad and calm,
My palms on my cheeks,
Wondering when they’ll come,
I am near the big and wide patio,
Thinking I’m alone, oh no, oh no...

I want my parents to sit beside me,
Patting and loving,
And calling me sweetie,
Oh what to do, I do wonder.

Looking up to imagine that beautiful blue yonder,
Come to me, my family,
Come to me, smiling lovingly!

My marvelous mother, my bold father,
If you aren't here, inside me it bothers,
I love my sweet, incredible family,
Now, I’m thinking, will they come see me?

I've been sitting like this,
My eyes almost in tears,
Leaving me alone...
Gives me great fears.

You and me will never ever separate,
Because, you’re my only mate,
My heart is pumping and waiting patiently,
I’ll wait and try at least,
Thinking of you delightfully….
Published: 8/1/2013
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