Being Beautiful - Chapter Eight

Briana is a 16-year-old girl who hosts a web show. She doesn't know her life without it and she just gives great advice on how to love yourself and no one else.
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Chapter 8: Feeling

I practically had to unravel Ian and the covers from up under me. I looked to the left of me and Ian was lying there with his head on my arm snoring. I smiled. This is my best friend. I removed my arm, leaned over and was about to kiss his cheek until I felt his arms wound around my waist and pull me right on top of him.

"JESUS!" I screamed panicked. "You scared the living... bejeebers out of me!"

He laughed as he loosened his arms and looked at me. "Who says 'bejeebers'? You sound like an old sitcom lady."

"Shut up." He looked at me and smiled. I leaned my head down right beside his neck and sighed. "Are you coming with Alexander and Liz and I? We're boycotting this party."

"I'll go anywhere you want me to. I only accepted cause I thought that you were going."

I smiled. That was one thing I loved about Ian. He wanted to be with me no matter what. I buried my head deep into his neck and kissed it. I loved Ian with all my being and that love just deepened everyday. It's just like he has the right thing to say or something, but he never fails in making me smile and feeling better. I felt his arms go from my waist until my neck. We were locked into a comfortable position.

"I love you," I breathed into his neck.

"I love you more." He unlocked his arms and I rolled over beside him. He looked at me and I looked at him and smiled. "How did we become such best friends without having any kind of feelings for each other?"

Woah. This question caught me off-guard. "I don't know," I said looking down. "Maybe cause we've never thought about each other that way."

"Don't lie." His voice was stern.

I bit my lip. Before I could give him an answer, a miracle happened: Liz bust through. "It's noon you two. Are you gonna stay lying in that bed all day?"

"No," Ian said sitting up. "I have to get home." He eyed me, stood up and gathered his things. Then he pushed past Liz and made his way out of the door.

I ran a hand through my hair as I sat up and looked at Liz. She had this bewildered look on her face. "Trouble in paradise?"

"He's just being a complete jerk. Nevertheless, it's nothing that won't be solved before the day is up." The door opened wider and Eric appeared with his dazzling blue hair going all over kingdom come. "Morning sleepy head."

"Hey," he said yawning and scratching his head. "Ian just ran out of here in a daze. What's the matter?"

I sighed and crossed my legs under the cover. "Ian and I aren't seeing eye to eye. Don't worry. We'll be fine."

"Hmm. Hope so." He turned to Liz. "We still going?"

"Oh yeah!" She turned to me. "Eric and I are going to the mall for a bit. Wanna come?"

I shook my head as I laid back down. "I'm supposed to have this big date with my bed. That would suit my pleasure so much more."

"And hanging out with us wouldn't?" Eric said. I smiled and rolled my eyes. "I gotta get dressed."

"Alright. We'll leave at about 12:45 ish." He nodded and sprinted out of the door. Liz took one look at me and shut the door. "Wanna have a sister to sister talk?"

I raised an eyebrow as she sat down in front of me. "About what?" I asked obliviously. She gave me that look that she had always given me when she had always wanted me to tell her what was going on with me and I would never tell her.

"With you and Ian. Now I'm not much of a people person, but I know when you two aren't on the same page and it seems as though you two have been arguing more often than... ever. What's the matter?"

Where should I start? Should I start by telling her that I have this awkward thing with Ian that won't ever surpass because he can see some kind of interest that I've taken on for Kaleb or should I start by telling her how jealous Ian is getting of Kaleb or should I tell her that I feel awkward every time I get around Kaleb, but he just treats me as though I'm just some other girl.

"Listen Liz, it's nothing to concern yourself about. When I turn unhappy then you should start questioning everything," I said lying a hand on hers. "Everything is fine. I promise."

She bit her lip and then looked at me. We studied one another until she looked away, beaten. "Just answer me this one question." I raised an eyebrow and she looked back at me. "Does this have anything to do with Kaleb?"

My heart beat silently in my chest. Where was she getting this from? Was it that noticeable that he and I were never going to... be slightly friends? "A little bit." She sighed. "It's not like that though. Ian just thinks that it's about him so that's why he's..." I shook my head. "I don't know how to explain."

She placed another hand over the stack that mine and hers made. "You'll figure it out. You're not one to choose anyone over Ian." I smiled and nodded.

"Exactly. Especially if there isn't anyone to choose him over."

She smiled and stood up. She strode to the door and then stopped. "Oh and Briana?" I looked up at her. "If it does have anything to do with that Kaleb guy, then you have great taste. He's cute." And she was gone.

I smiled and slammed back down into my bed and stared at the ceiling. I ran a hand through my hair and sucked in my breath. Just when I was about to close my eyes to fall back into another peaceful sleep, I heard a clunk sound. I sat up and listened for it again, but I didn't hear. Maybe it was just my imagination. I leaned back down and closed my eyes again, but then I heard the clunk sound once again. I sat up, flung the covers from around me and stood up looking around hectically. I heard the clunk sound and I turned. It was coming straight from my window. I walked over to it and pulled the curtains back and saw Kaleb standing in his window with a clump of pencils in his hand.

He smiled at me and I crossed my arms. He made his arms go up in an attempt for me to open my window. I shook my head and he just smiled brighter and clapped his hands together and mouthed "please". I bit my lip, looked down and then back up. I bent down on the ground and opened my window.

"You have one minute. What is it?"

"First off," he said smiling. "You look lovely today." I frowned.

"Is that all you wanted?"

He looked at me sternly. "No. I actually wanted to apologize about last night. I was being a dick to you just because I was upset at something else. So I'm sorry."

I didn't know whether to accept his apology just because it was him apologizing to me about how he was wrong, or whether to decline it because I was really upset at how he dissed me.

"Is that it?"

He frowned. "Dammit, someone apologizes to you and you treat them like such a bitch."

"Well hey, at least you know how I felt last night." He snapped his mouth shut. "Now are you finished?" He took one last look at me before he slammed his window shut and disappeared from it. I smiled and shut my window, locked it and pulled my curtains into their original position.

I sunk deep under my covers before I found the most comfortable position and I closed my eyes. About ten seconds later I heard my doorbell ring. I rolled out of bed and then made my way downstairs mumbling curse words as I stomped down every stair. Once I reached the front door, I didn't even peek out the peephole, I just opened the door and my heart skipped a beat.

"Now do you wanna say everything that you did to me in the window?" He asked. I was so caught off-guard that all I could do was look at him with my big bug eyes and bite my lip. "Yeah. I thought so." He pushed his way past me and then noticed the empty house. "Where is everyone?"

I turned and shut the door and leaned on it. "I'm not sure where my brother is, but Eric and Liz went to the mall."

"And Ian?"

"Does it matter? He doesn't live here."

"He practically does."

"Well he doesn't and as you can tell he isn't here."

"Oh, you and Ian got into a fight, huh?"

I scrunched my face up, frowned and tightened my arms around my chest. "Does that even concern you?"

"So it's true? You and Ian aren't the happiest couple like everyone portrayed you both to be?"

"We aren't a couple!" I said stepping up to him. "All friends have trouble. They aren't always happy and they always have problems."

He stepped to me. "So since you and I have trouble all the time, what does that make us?" He hovered over me and it made me realize how short I was compared to him. He looked down at me with those hypnotizing green eyes that he has.

I sucked in my breath and then let it out. "That makes us nothing."

For a moment, I sensed hurt in his eyes. He looked down, defeated, before he sighed. "I guess if that's what you want then that's how you can have it."

I heard the keys in the keyhole and then the door came open sending in fresh sunlight and wind. I turned around and saw Lucas and Liam. "Hey," Liam said smiling. He looked behind me. "I was texting you! Can you help get that stuff out the car? It's for the party."

"For sure," Kaleb said. "I couldn't find my phone so I came here to see where you were."

"You need to stop losing that damn thing," Lucas said passing us with groceries, but not before mumbling, "Hey princess." Liam followed him into the kitchen and then came back out, kissed my forehead and walked outside with Lucas on his tail.

Before Kaleb followed, he turned around to look at me. We studied one another before he said, "You're something special Briana. No one else can see how great you can hide your feelings, but I can." He walked out and stood on the porch before he said, "And your show last night... on love. Well, you're on the right track." And he was gone out to my brothers' car to help get bags and I stood there wishing I hadn't been such a bitch to him just then.


That night I packed my bag and folded my clothes neatly. I could hear Lucas, Liam and their football buddies downstairs laughing about something I wasn't sure of. All I knew is that they were excited for the big party and I was sure that Alexander, Liz and I weren't going to get much web-showing in tonight. All the parties that Liam and Lucas had held were the loudest things ever. I can't run away from them.

There was a knock on my door. I pressed a lock of my hair behind my ear, but it just eventually fell back down. "Come in," I said sighing. The door opened and then closed. I tightened my bag closed and then I looked up to see who had entered my sanctuary. Ian.

I crossed my arms. "I don't know what I said this morning to offend you, but I'm sorry."

He nodded. "I'm the sorry one. I still don't know why I got mad."

"Hormonal?" He shook his head and sat his bag down.

"Had my period for this month already."

I smiled and looked at him. He walked over to me and I wrapped my arms around my waist. "That was the worst," I said. "You didn't talk to me all day. It's never been that long."

"I know." He buried his head into my shoulder and kissed me. "I just." He stood back and looked at me. "I guess I thought that we both had thought about... Y'know? Being together?"

"Well I have, but it would never work out." He sat down at the edge of my bed. "I don't want our friendship of almost five years to be thrown away because of a relationship that we know won't ever... work." He stared at me silently before he just leaned back and sighed really loudly. "Did I say something wrong?" I asked leaning beside him.

"Everything you said was wrong," he said putting his hands behind his head. "But I can't be mad at you." He looked over at me, but I avoided contact. He removed his hands, placed them on my face and positioned it so that I was looking at him. We both stared at each other for a second until I did my cheesy big smile to erase the tension. He shook his head and moved his hands.

I bit my lip. Our relationship was getting too intense for me to handle. We stood up and grabbed our bags, but before making our way downstairs, I looked at him.

"Do you wanna kiss me?" I heard him choke as he looked at me. "I mean. You looked like you wanted to.."

He put his bag down and made his way over to me. He looked at me before he placed his hands on my face. This moment was the moment where we would either be a couple or be nothing. He leaned his face down inches away from mine. Our lips were so close that I could feel his breath on mine. I closed my eyes, waiting for this all to happen when he said, "No. I don't wanna kiss you." And he stepped back. "I value our friendship too much." And he grabbed his bag and opened the door.


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