Being Beautiful - Chapter Four

Briana is a 16-year-old girl who hosts a web show. She doesn't know her life without it and she just gives great advice on how to love yourself and no one else.
Chapter 4: Kaleb

As soon as we got to school, Ian just walked straight to the gym and ignored me. I sighed. How could he be mad at this? They were people who I didn't even know. Why am I letting this get to me? Oh yeah maybe cause Ian is my best friend and he's getting mad at me for something that I want to happen in my life. I mean, okay. I love Ian being my one and only friend, but it would be nice to have other friend's right? I mean even if they are guys. Well then at the same time, I have to think about this from Ian's point of view too. I mean, if I saw Ian with some other friend that was a girl, I would be completely upset, so apparently I can see why he was upset.

I walked to my locker and put my head on it. Why was I over-analyzing this situation, just as I did any other situation. I would never be happy with myself, until I just completely ran myself dry.

"Being sad doesn't look very good on you." I looked up and noticed Kaleb approaching me. He smiled. "Well I guess it looks better."

"Where's Alexander?" I stood up straight and looked around for him. "Is he here?"

"Yeah, he's here. He's outside talking to my dad about something." He shrugged and started twisting in the combination on the locker beside mine.

"What the hell are you doing? That's not your locker."

"Really?" He handed me his schedule and it read Locker 279. Great. I was going to have to see this kid more than I planned to. I scanned his schedule and was amazed. We had two of our elective classes together.

"So you're a junior?"

"That's what it says on the paper." He budged his locker open and jacked his schedule from me.

"Do you and Alexander really get along?"

"More than you would know." He shut his locker and looked at me. "Well if you don't mind, I'm going to sign up for the football team."

"Good luck," I said. He smiled and walked off. "You'll need it." I shut my locker and made my way to the Journalism room. I kept thinking to myself that in 5th period I would justify to Ian why I need more friends.


I went through the day feeling joyful and amazed for some odd reason. Alexander and I were both in the same grade and we had two morning classes together and last period together. At lunch, I sat with him instead of Ian. Ian never showed up anyway. I tried to act like I didn't care, but deep down inside it was killing me to know that my best friend was mad at me. On the other hand, Alexander kept me busy by telling me about his life and how everything changed so swiftly when he was like 6 years old. That was when his mom married Kaleb's dad. He didn't like Kaleb's dad until he turned 10 because that's when he got used to him and he started to call him dad also. Then I told him about my life which wasn't much: my sister is a boyaholic, my mom is 6 months pregnant with a little boy, my dad who sits and read papers, my brother who is jealous of any guy that I come in contact with, and his friend Lucas who is a douche bag.

Once 5th period Art approached, I braced myself for what was to come, but when I walked into the room all calm and collected, I saw Kaleb and my heart froze. Why had I forgotten that he was in my class? No, that's not it. My heart froze because I was staring at him and Alexander talking like they had been knowing each other all of their life.

"That's her right there," Kaleb said. Ian turned around and his smile grew bigger.

"You live next door to this Briana. Oh. I would have never known that." I couldn't move as Ian walked over to me and smiled at me. "You see, me and this Briana have a history together." He threw his arm over my shoulders.

"So Alexander was right, you two do the web show?" Kaleb said jumping off the desk and walking over to me. "I thought he was bluffing."

"Not so much," I mumbled.

Ian smiled. "It's hers mainly. I just appear randomly in most of the episodes." Ian pushed me slightly to my desk and I sat down. He sat across from me and Kaleb sat behind Ian.

"So, how does it work?" I looked back at Kaleb. "Do you do it every night or what?"

I tried to speak, but it was like my words were caught in my throat. Ian laughed. "Yeah. Every night."

"So all the videos are on the websites?"

"Yeah, in the archive on a different page."

"How did you decide to do that?" Kaleb asked.

"What is this 20 questions?" I asked unwrapping my bag from around my body. At that moment the bell rang and our teacher Mr. Martin started talking about the evolution of colors. I was trying to pay attention because colors are important, but I was too busy trying to put thoughts into my head about Kaleb. I looked back at him and he was looking at the teacher, so I turned back to face the teacher. Then I took another glance back at him and he was staring at me with a glazed look on his face and then he turned back to Mr. Martin.

"Do your independent work on a perfect date," he said. "I expect it to at least be three pages, and if you need guides for your drawing, there are some up here." He clapped his hands and sat at his desk. I stood up and walked to the front to get my three sheets of white paper, then I sat down, grabbed a pencil out of my bag and started to draw.

Drawing always came naturally for me and I always wondered why I was never on the drawing part of Journalism. They always said people who could write so well would never have a hand at art, and vice versa, but I always seemed to know how to do both. My mother used to always call me her little overachiever.

I smiled as I looked up in thought to picture what else I could draw. So far I had the first page sketched, but not colored. It was of some girl and a guy at dinner. The girl was laughing as the guy spilled soda all over his jacket. The second page was supposed to be them going to watch a movie and the third page was them walking on the beach.

"Good work Ms. McArthur." I looked up and Mr. Martin was standing over my shoulder. "I guess I couldn't expect anything less of you."

I smiled. "Thanks. I guess it just all comes naturally." He gave me a smile and then walked off. Ian looked over at me.

"So beach, movie and dinner?"

"You got it backwards," I said smiling.

"That has been your date, that you have been wanting to be taken on since the beginning of time," Ian said smiling. "And no one has taken you."

"You act as if no one has asked me on a date in my entire life," I said. "It's just that no one can make that be my first date."

"I told you that I could," he said.

"It wouldn't be the same. You know that."

"But still."

In between our whole conversation, Kaleb was playing ping-pong through it. He looked at Ian, and then he looked at me. I looked back at my paper. "It just won't work that way."


I stayed outside watching, as the football players watched as the people who signed up for the team tried out. I walked down from the bleachers and ran over to the field. I sat with my bag down and stood beside my brother.

"Are any of them any good?" I asked crossing my arms.

Liam shrugged. "Some are so-so. None like spectacular." He watched as the newbies did some drills. He pointed the clipboard that had the tryouts paper on it. "Fat guy can't even get up after each drill."

I tapped his shoulder. "C'mon. Don't be mean."

"It's just frustrating. The 3 guys from your journalism team canceled today because they had to finish an article," he said. "They were supposed to be here with Lucas and I to help judge. They're the best players." He crossed his arms. "So instead, two other guys and your little friend came."

"You can't be so rude about it. His name is Ian. You should learn his name one day. He is on your football team." Liam shot me a look, just as Lucas ran over.

"Coach wants you in the back." Liam handed Lucas the paper and ran off. Lucas stood beside me and looked at all the newbies as they ran across the track. He had the same disappointed look on his face that Liam had.

"Are they that bad?"

"Princess, do you see them?" He sighed and shook his head. "I'm pretty sure Liz could run circles around them." Liz as in my sister Elizabeth. "Gosh. It's frustrating. I'm frustrated."

The group of boys all ran back over to where Lucas was standing, and Ian was in the lead of them all. There had to have been, probably 40 guys here and there were only 10 spots available. Ian came and stood beside me. He looked just as pissed as my brother.

"Alright. We're gonna put you in four teams. Two teams will play until someone gets a point, and then the winning team will play the third team and the fourth team, got it?" Lucas screamed.

Some of the boys mumbled their 'yes' since they were out of breath and others were lying on the ground, breathing like they were taking their last breath.

"We'll give you five," Lucas said. He walked off the field in pity.

"These-" Ian started.

"I can see that you're mad about it too. They don't seem that bad. I mean, they're trying their hardest."

"I know they are Briana, but trying their hardest is the least they can do. They have to give it their all. Trying is just meaningless." I crossed my arms.

When the time went by and the players got their drink of water, they were split into teams. The first team were shirts, the second team was skins, the third team had on yellow jerseys and the fourth had on blue ones. Just as they were about to start, I saw someone coming out of the side of my eye.

"Don't forget the best." We turned to look and I spotted Kaleb running towards us.

"Finally," I thought I heard Ian mumble.

"You're late," Lucas hissed.

"Sorry for that." Kaleb stopped in front of Lucas.


"Kaleb Jones." Lucas looked through the paper and nodded.

"Jones." He raised an eyebrow as he looked at the paper and nodded. "You can get on the field. Hopefully your teammates will explain to you how the game goes."

"They won't be my teammates for long," he mumbled crossing over the field.

So they began to play and I was more impressed with Kaleb, than I was with anyone. He tackled good, he could throw and catch good, and he scored the first team a point which is the only reason they scored a point. They beat the first two teams, but when the last one approached, someone grabbed the ball and scored.

"Jones," Liam said smiling. "I'm impressed."

Kaleb smiled as he approached my brother and I while whipping a towel on his face. "You two kind of look alike."

"Oh, she's my sister. Sorry. Briana this is-"

"I know who he is."

Kaleb smiled. "I know who you are too."
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Published: 2/24/2012
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