Being Beautiful - Chapter Nine

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Chapter 9: Hectic

Liz, Ian, Alexander and I laid in Alexander's living room eating ice cream and watching 'The Notebook'. Liz was sprawled out on the couch while Alexander laid on the floor on this pallet of covers he had. Ian and I on the other hand were scrunched up together on the couch. I was leaning on him and we had my spongebob cover over us both. I guess that "almost kiss" that we had brought our friendship closer. It wasn't awkward at all and I realized he valued our friendship more than I could ever imagine.

I tightened my hand on his arm when the part where Noah walked out of his room to go see Allie; the ending part. The nurse was so kind. The next part made the tears start flowing when she remembered him and they died together. "Ohhh," I said clutching Ian. Liz, who had been crying the whole movie, threw me the tissues. "Thank you."

Before the movie ended, all I could hear was loud music next door. I bit my lip. "Is that all that it can go?" Ian said.

"Yeah," Alexander said. "It's volume is up 105. The highest."

"Then that's insane," Liz said. "They're too freaking loud."

"Honestly," Alexander said. "Do you think that they care?"

I sat up. "Let's just try not to let them get to us."

"How can they not? I'm pretty sure that people in New York could hear their music!" Ian screamed.

"Yeah, but really? What can we do?" I said. "Go over there and tell them to stop playing it?" They all got quiet. "I think not." I stood up and walked over to my bag. "I brought my laptop. We can web show."

"Good. Anything to get me off of that party next door," Liz said.

I shuffled through my bag and then clenched my jaw. Hell no, I didn't leave my laptop over there in that Lion's den. I searched through it more thoroughly separating every single sock, but I couldn't find it. "You guys, I left it at home."

"It's okay," Alexander said. "I have a desktop."

"That's not it," I said closing my bag. "My computer automatically signs me into my blog. I don't know the password by heart."

"Way to go genius," Liz said.

I frowned and stood up. "I just gotta go over there and get it then."

Ian stood up, right on my trail. "Are you seriously in denial? They'll run you over and look. You're not dressed for the occasion." I looked down. I had on gray Victoria Secret pants and a pink spaghetti strapped top on. "They'll try to initiate you or something."

"Relax," I said slipping on his slippers. "I'll be fine."


As soon as I stepped foot over at my house, I was in their territory. I bit my lip and kept walking. There were people standing outside, mostly drunk ones and I got the end note in their conversation. "Is that Liam's sister?" "Why is she here?" I frowned and kept going until I was inside. That was worse. I couldn't even find my footing. There were so many people clustered in so many different places, I couldn't find out where the staircase was. There were people feeling all over everyone, grinding and making loud moaning sounds on the living room floor which was now the dance floor.

I walked until I felt the edge of the staircase. Yes! I was there. Then I heard a voice. "The party isn't upstairs." It was dark, but I could make out that voice anywhere. Lucas.

"Yeah, well I didn't come to stay."

"You should have." He spun me around to look at the dance floor. "A whole party awaits you."

"Parties aren't my thing. I have class. Not like these whores I guess."

He smiled at me. "Can you just dance with me for this one song and I'll cut you loose."

"I only dance to slow songs." At that moment, the loud raving song that was on was replaced by a slow peaceful melody by Christina Perri. He looked at me.

"I guess I have good luck." He took my hand and led me onto the dance floor. It was like once he walked, people separated to make room for him. He swung me around and placed his hands on my hips and I outstretched my arms and placed my arms around his shoulders. "Don't trust your hormones to be close to me?"

"No. I don't trust yours."

He laughed. "You're one of a kind. Kaleb was right."

"Kaleb? You and Kaleb talk about me?"

He looked at me and noticed my expression. "A lot." I blushed and looked down, not like he could see me in this dark house. "Seems like someone has a crush on someone else."

"I do NOT have a crush on Kaleb!" I screamed loud enough for him to know that I was serious.

"Well I never said that you did."

A warm wave flew over me. I looked down and thought about that. Kaleb had a crush on me? No. I shook my head. That wasn't right. But could he? Was he just hiding his feelings from me like I tried to do for everyone else? I wanted to know.

"Where is he?"

Lucas looked down at me. "Why?"

"Well if you won't tell me, I'll find him myself."

"There are about one hundred and fifty people here. Really wanna go there?"

I bit my lip and backed away from him. "I'll be better just getting the hell out of here." I turned, brushed past everyone and walked upstairs into my room. I turned the light on and was lucky to find it just the way that I had left it and nothing out-of-place, no couple in here close to making a baby and no unknown axe slayer. I walked to my dresser, and grabbed my laptop.

I turned around and nearly fell. My laptop slipped right out of my hands and onto my carpet. Kaleb was standing there looking shocked. "I'm so sorry."

"What the hell are you doing here?!" I screamed kneeling down to pick up my laptop. He got there before me and grabbed it.

"Lucas said you were up here and that you really needed to talk to me."

"Well he lied." I grabbed my laptop back, and observed the outside to see if there was anything broken. "I have to go."

"You don't actually. You have time to stand here and talk to me." I raised an eyebrow.

"I don't. Remember. I'm the asshole who keeps her feelings to herself. Oh and you're the same way. Thanks for figuring me out. I figured you out too." I brushed past him, turned the lights out and walked out of my room. He was right on my tail.

"Why do you have to act like that. You won't let anyone in except Ian."

"He's the only one I care about at this moment. Thanks."

We reached the staircase and that was when the noise got louder and louder. What he said was coming in bits and pieces for me. I wasn't really paying attention until he grabbed my arm and turned me to face him. "Would you listen to me please?"

"I can barely hear you. What's the point?" I reached the front door and walked outside. The breeze soon hit my face. There weren't anymore people outside. They must have all went inside. As I stepped off the porch, the front door opened and closed.

"You can hear me now," he said. I turned and looked at him. He was standing firmly on the porch with his arms crossed. "So can we talk."

"I don't really want to talk to you." He frowned. "So I'm going back to your house."

I turned to walk back to his house. I heard him huff and say, "You shouldn't be this way towards people who care about you too much."

"Yeah, well you aren't one of them. We just met not too long ago."

"Still. It only takes one day for someone to care for someone." I stopped. "I guess I'm saying that I want this between us to stop."

I spun around. "You started this. You just... You were the nice guy and then you turned into such a bastard for no freaking reason! I'm rude to you cause you were rude to me first!"

"Well two wrongs don't make a right." I clenched my jaw and he smiled. "Y'know, you look beautiful candid."

I frowned. "I can never take you seriously." I turned and walked off.

I heard him shuffle on the grass and then jerk my arm around. He pulled me closer to him before I could object and planted his lips on mine. I couldn't even grasp anything. His arms wrapped around my body and I ended up dropping my laptop in the grass. My arms relaxed at my sides and he squeezed my body tighter.

Seconds later he was away from me and staring at me. "Can you take that seriously?" I gulped as he turned around. I wanted to call out to him so bad, but I couldn't. I just couldn't form the right words to say to him. I was too shocked. He opened my front door and slammed it shut, returning to his party.


I stepped into Alexander's house and walked into the kitchen. They all looked at me. "Where the hell were you?" Ian screamed. "We almost called an Amber Alert."

I bit my lip and sat my laptop on the table. It had scratches all over it and when I opened it, it creaked. "I um..." I looked down. I couldn't grasp what to say.

"Look at your laptop," Liz said walking over to me and trying to cut it on. The computer would flicker on and then go right back off. "What happened to it?"

I sighed and ran a hand through my hair. "Some guy from the party bumped into me outside and I dropped it in the grass." Alexander raised an eyebrow and looked from me to the laptop to Ian to Liz.

"Really?" Liz said exaggerating it a little bit.

"Yes really!" I said placing my hands on my hips. "I guess that I'm more clumsier than I thought." They still observed me like they didn't believe that what I was saying was true. "Listen, I'll just go to that technology store down the street and ask them to see what they can do."

"What about the show?" Alexander said. "I mean, you've never had your fans hanging."

"I could try to see if I can get a resend of my password to my e-mail or phone or something, but I've never done it from a desktop before."

"There's always a first time for everything," Alexander said. "I'll go start the computer up."

"I'll come with so that I can do the email thing for her." They both walked past me and out of the door leaving both Liz and I to ourselves.

"So what really happened to your laptop?" She asked me as she shut it.

"What I said." Well I wasn't really lying, but I wasn't telling her the honest to God truth.

"Well, there's more scratches on here than anything and no grass could have done this."

"Well I'm not lying so you can just get that right out of your head."

She frowned. "Yeah. I guess I have to." She frowned and walked out. I had to admit. I was good at hiding my feelings.


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