Being Beautiful - Chapter Thirty Six

Briana is a 16-year-old girl who hosts a Webshow. She doesn't know her life without it and just gives great advice on how to love yourself and no one else.
Chapter 36: She Devil

As I stared at Kaleb hug Lisa, I couldn't help but still be jealous even though I know that she and he are relatives, so it would be kind of incest for them to even start dating so I let that thought slip from my mind. But even then, I couldn't help but sense something eerie and strange come from her.

Once her and Kaleb separated she looked at me and smiled, her teeth pearly white and glamorous. "You are?" She asked, bitterness a little relevant in her voice. Apparently her family was her motive.

"I-" I started, hesitantly.

"She's Briana Mc Arthur." I looked at Kaleb who was staring at me. "She lives next door."

"Yeah." Lisa tapped her chin. "Yeah, my aunt Ariel was telling me about you and your sister." She looked at me and her eerie smile came back. "You're gonna help me around this dreadful little hellhole you call a town."

I had to fake a smile before I could even speak to her. Dreadful little hellhole. I clenched my jaw and tried not to roll my eyes. "Exactly. That's us."

She returned my smile and then looked at Kaleb. "Are you both here..." She looked around the house. "Alone?" Kaleb looked at her and then me. "No need to reply." She looked over at me. "I guess she doesn't only live next door." My mouth went slant. "Is that pasta that I'm smelling?" And she walked off into the kitchen.

I turned and looked at Kaleb and he smiled. "She's not always like this."

"For some reason, I do not believe that." I crossed my arms as he walked towards me. I looked off towards the kitchen as I heard her searching for a plate. "I guess that I'd better go and get your mother from my house."

He placed his hands on either sides of my arms and tried warming them up by moving his hands up and down. "You don't have to leave now, do you." He stepped closer to me and I looked at him.

"You don't expect me to stay after she just got done insulting my town? And basically calling me a slut." He smiled at me. "And I do spend a lot of time at my house, thank you very much."

"I know that," he said smiling at me. "She doesn't have to." I rolled my eyes. "Hey. She's just really intent on our family. She'll learn to love you just like the rest of my family does."

"Let's hope so."


"DREADFUL LITTLE HELLHOLE!" Liz screamed as she placed clothing in bags. We were supposed to be helping my mother pack her bags to go to the hospital today, but I was too busy lying on the bed telling her about my little encounter with Lisa Wenchell. "Our town is by far the best town you could ever hope to live in so I don't understand her judgment."

"That's not the only thing." I laid back some more in my mother's bed. "She just seemed weird, almost jealous that I had my hands all over Kaleb you know?" Liz looked up at me.

"You don't think that there's some weird incest going on in that family, do you?" She rolled her eyebrows up in a weird way and I smiled.

"No, not at all. I just think that she doesn't like when girls are all over him. He must have some kind of past that she was in that makes her wonder," I said.

"Right and you got all that from a look?"

"And she called me a slut!"

"She just was concerned that you and Kaleb weren't doing anything inappropriate." I looked at her and raised an eyebrow. "Okay, well c'mon."

"She hates me already and she hasn't even met the real me."

"She'll learn to love you." She zipped up mom's bag and looked at me.

"Everyone you meet falls in love with you. Literally." I smiled at her and stood up.

She walked downstairs and I got up and followed. Liam was there, on the phone with the doctor while my mom was getting helped to the car by my father.

"Is the baby bag in there Ry?" My mother asked as she looked up at my father.

"Yes, my wonderful wife, everything is in there."

"My clothes?" She asked, stopping at the door.

"Right here," Liz said placing the heavy overnight bag across my dad's shoulders. He slumped and looked at her.

"Alright kids, say goodbye to your mother."

"Dad," Liz said kissing mom's cheek. "She's not dying, just having a baby."

"I've been through this process four times." He clenched his jaw and then looked at my mother who was giving him a look. "It's the best thing ever sweetheart." And he kissed her forehead and I smiled.

My mother turned and looked at me. "Eric will be coming in three days and he's taking our bedroom. Please do not let him destroy it. I will literally have a bigger panic attack than I am right now."

"You got it mom."

"She's on her way now sir," Liam said. "Thank you for everything." He hung up the phone and looked at my mom. "Dr. Rogers has everything set up for you. He's just awaiting your arrival."

"Thank you kids."

"GROUP HUG!" Liz screamed. She wrapped her arms around my mother. Liam came up behind me and squished me into my father's back.

"This is awkward," I muttered.

"This is love," Liam said through my hair and I laughed.

My parents departed after our weird hug and promised to call later that night to make sure everything was alright. Liam went to go play some basketball with Lucas and some more of his football buddies and Liz went to go clean up the kitchen. I just sighed and got ready for bed.


The next day I got dressed in jeans and a bro tank before I walked to my dresser to do my makeup. Through my peripheral vision, I saw Kaleb standing at the window but not facing me. His shirt was off, but he was faced to the side like he was talking to someone. I walked closer to the window and that's when he finally saw me. He held up a finger and then continued talking to the unknown person. The person walked a little closer to him and it was his father. They said some more words before his father walked out.

He then turned to me with his shirt pulled over his neck and lifted his window so I did the same.

"What's going on?" I asked as I kneel down and he did the same.
Kaleb shrugged. "He just wants me to help Lisa around is all." At the mention of her name, I rolled my eyes and he smiled. "C'mon. You'll learn to love her."

"I'm fine with loving people, I just don't think that she is."

"I've known Lisa all of my life. She's one of the best people I know." I raised an eyebrow. "I said 'one of the best'. You should know that you're the best."

I smiled. "Still, I just... Conflict and I really do not go together. You should know this."

"I do know this. Too well. Just let me handle Lisa and you can handle everything else that you're dealing with okay? I won't let her do anything to hurt you."

"So you admit that she's capable of something like that?" I almost screamed.

He laughed at me. "Goodbye Briana." And he shut his window.
I stood and made my way downstairs where Lucas, Liam, and Liz sat around the table eating breakfast that Liz must have cooked and talking about some school business. I grabbed a plate out of the cabinet and piled it with eggs while I listened to their conversation.

"Coach is kind of getting wired up since I'm not playing baseball anymore," Lucas said. "He's disappointed that I'm going out for track.

"That is kind of disappointing. You had a great pitchers arm," Liz said.

"Well coach isn't one to express how upset he was so he just made Lucas run 30 poles. It was the only solution he could think of," Liam said.

Ugh. Sports talk.

"What about you Liz?" Lucas asked. "Since cheering is over, what sport are you participating in?"

"None," she retorted. "I'm so glad that my last year of cheer is over, I am not willing to pursue it with anything else."

"Oh really? Softball doesn't catch your eye? Or soccer?"

"Nothing," she said smiling. "I'm just gonna lay it a bit low and pretend that school isn't almost over."

"Try harder," Liam said. "We have got four more months before it is all over."

"Please don't remind me," I muttered. "It's going to be totally awkward not going to school with you guys next year."

"You'll have Ian," Liam said as he stood to rinse his plate off.

"Not exactly the same since you guys are my siblings and he's my best friend." I shrugged. "I'm just really going to miss you guys so much."

"Don't start the pity party just yet darling," Lucas said leaning back in his chair. "Wait until we actually leave to start moping and complaining."

"Never said I'd miss you," I said.

"What is not said is usually said," he said winking at me. I laughed just as there was a horn being blown outside.

"My ride." I finished my eggs off and then put my plate into the sink. "I'll see you guys at school."

I walked outside just as Kaleb, Lisa and Alexander were walking out. I sighed completely loud as I noticed Ian leaning against his car and watching them just as I was. Alexander caught my view and smiled.

"Hey Briana!"

I cringed, knowing that all eyes were on me now and Lisa's were burning holes through my bro tank. I turned and smiled. "Morning Alexander."

Lisa cocked her head to the side and then spotted Ian and smiled. "Two boys your flavor sweetheart?" she asked. My mouth went slant as she continued her walk to Kaleb's car. Kaleb sighed and followed her and Alexander mouthed 'sorry' and then followed after her.

I walked to Ian's car and he was giving me a look of sympathy. "Who was that?"

"The... she devil," I muttered.


"So Kaleb's cousin doesn't like you one bit?" Ian asked as he walked me to my locker.

"I don't think that she will ever like me. How sad is that?" I asked.

"Very sad since like everyone likes you right?" He asked. I looked at him and rolled my eyes and he laughed.

"Listen," he said as we approached my locker and he leaned against the lockers beside it. "Not everyone will like you."

"I know this," I said as I opened my locker. "Doesn't mean that I can't try to make them like me, right?" He huffed at me. "And implus, she doesn't even know me. Why can't we just be friends?"

"I don' t think that that's what she wants."

"True." The bell rang just as I closed my locker. I huffed as I walked to class and Ian walked beside me.

"Just make the most out of this day. You might get lucky and not have classes with her."

"No one's that lucky," I muttered as we approached my class and the she-devil was sitting in the front row, right beside my seat. She noticed me and smiled.

"Good luck," Ian wished me just as he zoomed off.

Great. Today is gonna be a great day.


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