Being Beautiful - Chapter Twelve

Briana is a 16-year-old girl who hosts a web show. She doesn't know her life without it and she just gives great advice on how to love yourself and no one else.
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Chapter 12: Feelings

I entered the house and noticed my mother sitting on the couch with my father. They had papers in their hand. I rung my hair out and stripped out of my sweatshirt. Once I threw it on the ground was when they acknowledged my presence. They both looked up at me. My mother was smiling gratefully and my father had the most proud look on his face.

"Did I miss something?" I asked smiling and walking over towards them.
Before I could get there, my mother stood up and engulfed me into the biggest hug possible.
"Honey, I'm so proud of you." She stood back and looked at me.
"Why didn't you tell us?"
Before I could respond, my dad stood up and patted my shoulder.
"You should have told us sooner."
"Told you what?" I asked a bit startled. "I'm very confused."

My mother and father share a look before they look back at me.
"This." My mother handed me the paper that she was just looking over. I looked back at the paper and I nearly died.

Congratulations Ms. McArthur

Hello Briana McArthur, We are aware that you have a web show that has been proceeding for two years. A video was sent in to the Web-Lee Awards and you are a candidate for an award(s) under the category personal. Congratulations on your nomination.

I couldn't hide my excitement. I jumped up and down and began screaming as loud as I could. The rest of the paper just stated that I needed to register and that I would be flown out during Christmas break on December 22nd, so that I could meet the rest of the contestants and then the awards ceremony would be held Saturday December 24th.

The first person that I could think of to tell this news to, had to have been Ian. I raced up the stairs and grabbed my phone when I realized that Ian and I weren't on speaking terms. I sighed and threw the phone back down and sighed. I had so much joy and I had no one to share it with. I cringed and looked back at the paper. December 22nd. That was in less than a month.

I leaned back in my bed and looked at the ceiling. Even though this piece of happiness sparked in my head, I still wasn't happy, without having Ian happy here with me. I recalled mine and Kaleb's conversation. He said he had a best friend and they had this similar problem, but they got over it.. How did they get over it he said?

And then I remembered.

They kissed.


Monday, after school I walked with Kaleb to the football field. He, like a gentleman, carried my bag. I relayed the story of how I got nominated for an award and he praised me by hugging me right in front of Ian, which made everything even worse. Then I started on the story that I had thought about all last night, about how I need to kiss Ian to make everything go away.

He looked at me wryly. "Is that really the tactic you should be taking Ian right now?" He asked.
I looked at him.
"You don't think it'll work?"

"I'm not saying that." He said opening the door to go outside.
"I'm just saying, he is fragile. He thinks that he belongs with you. He thinks that you and he are meant to be and a kiss will get those feelings flowing really fast."

I bit my lip and looked down. "I just don't have anything else Kaleb." I looked at him. "What else am I supposed to do to get my dammed best friend back."

He stopped and placed his hands on my shoulders. I felt the tears stinging in my eyes.
"Calm down. Maybe he just need some time."

"I gave him a week." I sniffled. "We haven't talked for a week. That's like a year in best friend days."
I looked down and felt the tears gradually approach. I tried to speak, but no sound came out. I looked back up at him.
"It's hard. How can he just not talk to me?" Kaleb, not being able to stand my crying pulled me into the circle of his arm and rested his chin on my head and moved his arms around my waist.
"I'm sorry for being a damsel in distress."

"It's fine." He said tightening his arms around me.
"Just gives me a good reason to hold you." I smiled and stood back.
"Just no more crying. I don't like to see you cry like this. Okay?"

I nodded. "Okay. I promise." I looked at his shirt.
"I got eyeliner all over your cute blue shirt, I'm sorry."

He smiled. "Stop saying sorry."
He threw his arm over my shoulders and led me toward the gym.
"I don't know Ian like you do, so maybe your tactic might help. And if it doesn't, then I'm pretty sure that you'll be on talking terms."
"Talking terms won't cut it." I mumbled.

We entered the gym and then he raced to the locker room. I walked out of the backdoor of the gym and then onto the field. I raced over to the bleachers and sat down. I pulled my laptop out, logged in and went through my e-mail. The first one I smiled at cause it had been a long time since I seen a message from this particular person.

How can I not fangirl over you?! You're Briana freaking McArthur!! Omg. Well I'm glad that I get to be your first fan mail person... does that make sense? I love the picture that you sent me, of you and Ian. I totally love it so much. Ian is so cute! Have you guys ever told the story on your web show about how you met? You should that would be fun and then like show us some pictures of you when you were little? It would make all of your fans happy. Oooh, speaking of visits and crap, I signed you up for the most famous web show competition and I hope you get placed in it. I put the one up where you were talking about love with Liz and everyone. It got the most views that week. I hope you placed. Its being held close to my town so that I could probably go and see you! I attatched a picture of myself as well. (:
Love Dell

My heart completely stopped. Dell. Dell was the one who got me the opportunity to be at this web show. Dell was my answer to everything. And by golly was this girl pretty. She had shoulder length wavy brown hair and the darkest, purest black eyes. She was gorgeous. I had to meet her. I had to thank her in person. If she couldn't get to that competition, I would make it so that she would. I would save up money to get her to go. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and she was the one who signed me up for it. I went haywire on my computer.

DELL! You're freaking gorgeous. I should be fangirling just because I get to talk to someone as gorgeous as you are. And btw, yes it does make sense. Lol. I could make a web show like that, but that would mean I had to have Ian on the show, and I can't do that because Ian and i have some technical friend difficulties cause he's being jealous. It's okay. I'll get over it and so will he in due time. And sorry that I haven't done any web show all week. That will change. I'm going to web show today, I promise. I know that everyone has been posting nasty things about me, and I'm sorry that I let you all down. I could just kiss you right now. You signed me up for that! I got the packet a week ago and I barely looked at it on Friday. Thank you, thank you so much. I can't express how happy that makes me that you did that for me. I'm truly grateful for you. And I hope you get to come too! If you can't find the money, let me know. I'll pay for everything. I'm serious. Anything. I just need to meet you to thank you in person.
Love Briana. (:

I smiled and looked up. The guys were doing their last lap around the track. This was the time. I put my laptop back in my bag, threw my bag over my shoulder and raced down the bleachers without missing a step. By the time that I got down the stairs, the guys were running to the gym. I ran over, looked for jersey 3 and pulled his shoulder so that he was facing me.

Ian clenched his jaw. "I have nothing to say to you."

"Well I wasn't going to do much talking anyway." And I kissed him. He was startled at first, but then he got into it. He placed his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him and kissed me like he meant it. At that moment, everything stopped. I wasn't on the football field anymore, I was just in my best friend's arms kissing him. It was just he and I here together.

Once we separated, he looked at me. He didn't smile; he didn't frown. He just had a straight line pressed on his face, but he wouldn't let the embrace go. Then out of nowhere we hear applause. My eyes bulged as we both looked around. The cheerleaders were cheering us on, and the football players were cheering us on, even Kaleb. Liam and Lucas were nowhere to be found.

Ian looked back at me and smiled. "So," he said. "Am I taking you home today?"


The car ride was one of the weirdest ones ever. We both couldn't get around the kiss. I couldn't get around it. My cheeks bustled with red as I looked out the window. I told him about the packet that I had gotten and that Dell was responsible for it and he couldn't have had been happier. Once we stopped in front of my house, things got serious.

"I'm sorry," he said looking at me.
I looked at him. "You were my best friend and a kiss shouldn't have had to bring us together. I mean, I stayed up all week last night worried about what I had done to you, but I couldn't get my pride out the way to apologize to you."
He grabbed my hand and kissed it. "I love you, because you love me and I shouldn't have made this all about my jealousy. Our friendship is much more important than anything." He looked at me.
"I shouldn't have been a douchebag to you."

I leaned over the seat and hugged him. I made sure that the tears didn't come down as I sniffled and leaned back.
"I should let you know about everything. That's what best friends are for. I'm sorry too. I guess that we were both wrong."

For a moment we were silent. He still had my hand in his hands and he wouldn't let go. Then he looked at me.
"Briana... the kiss..."
I looked up at him. He had a glazed look on his face.

"Yeah, Ian. What's the matter?"
He looked at me and smiled. "I didn't feel anything." I smiled.

He shook his head. "Nothing. Not a spark, not a bird chirping in my ear. Not anything."
"That's why I did it. So you could realize that we were just meant to be friends." He smiled.
"So I needed a little push."
"You always need little pushes."

He smiled. "So do you want me to come over tonight or what?"
I raised an eyebrow. "Why?"
"Web show." I sighed. "Yeah. You haven't done it for a week and I can say that was partially my fault."

"Well mainly." He rolled his eyes.
"But yeah and bring any pictures of us that you have. Old and new. I think that I have a really good idea about the show tonight." He nodded, kissed my cheek and left.


Alexander sat on his bed as I walked around with my laptop in hand.
"'Read this, blah blah if you're a nominee, blahhhh." I scrolled down.
"Okay. I think that I found this. Please state the person(s) whom will accompany you on this trip. Not more than twelve people."

"They'll let you take that many?"
"Well if not, I'll just get a job and save up money."

"Yeah." He said rolling his eyes.
"You have 3 weeks to get a job and it'll probably just get you like um 300 bucks and that will barely buy you one coach seat."

"You don't make anything better." He sighed.
"Just get the list ready." He nodded and pulled out a paper and pen.
"Put, Liz, Liam and my parents." He nodded and jotted them down.
"Ian and his parents." He gave me a look, but he put their names down.
"How many is that so far?"

"Well including you, that is eight people. You have four more to go."

"Oh yeah." I looked at him.
"You, Kaleb and your parents."

He looked at me and smiled. "Really?"

I nodded. "Of course. You're one of my best friends. How could I not include you." He frowned and sat the paper down.
"Well, what's the matter?"

"Briana, I haven't been completely honest with you."

I raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"
My heart pumped hard. What was he, about to tell me that could be bad? The look on his face could mean anything and I couldn't take any chances.
"Did you murder someone?"

"Rob someone?"
He chuckled. "No."
"Did you-"
"If you let me talk then I'll explain." I shut my mouth.
"It's not what I've done, it's what I am." I raised an eyebrow as he met my eyes. "Briana, I'm gay."

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