Being Beautiful - Chapter Twenty Eight

Briana is a 16-year-old girl who hosts a web show. She doesn't know her life without it and just gives great advice on how to love yourself and no one else.
Chapter 28: Shock

Kaleb walked me back to the guestroom. He looked at me before he walked off. "Thanks for telling me your deepest, darkest secrets."

"Thanks for listening to them," I said smiling.

He grabbed my hand and looked me in the eyes. "You can trust me Briana." I hesitated at his words at first. "I'm not going to hurt you."

I looked at him for a brief second before I walked into his arms and kissed his lips. I leaned back and looked into his eyes. "I believe you." I backed up. "Night."

"Morning to you too," he said smiling at me.


I woke up the next morning at 9 am. Liz was still lying beside me, with her legs entangled in mine and her head on my belly which was weird. I just smiled at the weirdness, and took some of her hair and twirled through my fingers.

It was weird to be lying here in peace and quiet. No running around, no having to be anywhere anytime soon... it was just perfect. I hadn't felt peace like this in weeks, it seems like I would love to get used to it. I turned my head to the right. It was snowing and that's when something clicked into my head.

It was Christmas morning.

"Liz," I said tapping her.

"Huh?" She muffled throwing the covers over her head.

"Liz. Liz, it's Christmas."

Liz didn't move for a moment, but then all at one time she pushed the covers back, pushed off of me and then ran out of the room and down the stairs. I huffed. How the crap could I forget that it was Christmas?

"Briana!" I heard someone scream 20 minutes later.

I couldn't really tell whose voice that it was, but I followed commands either way it went. I slung the cover from over my torso, stood and made my way downstairs. I'm pretty positive I looked like crap and from smelling my armpit, I smelled just like it too.

Everyone was up downstairs. Alexander was sitting beside Liz on the couch, Lucas was casually leaning against the wall, Liam was pacing and Kaleb stood with his hands on his hips until I came downstairs. Once I approached, all eyes were on me.

"Finally sleeping beauty," Lucas said smirking.

"It's nine in the morning. I could have gotten three extra hours."

"But you didn't. Sucks to suck, huh?"

"Why was I called?"

"It's Christmas," Kaleb said. "Christmas spirit?"

"How did everyone remember it was Christmas but Liz and I?"

"No one told you to forget," Liam said. "Still, it's a big day."

"Says who?" I muttered.

"Says Liz," Liz said standing. "Ariel and Kurt went to work and should return around four. I know, stupid that they had to work on Christmas, but work is work." She turned to look at everyone. "Mom and Dad's flight lands at about four which is such a coincidence. No one had time to get presents which is kind of messed up, so we-"

Just when Liz was about to speak, the door opened and Ian walked in. My face pretty much brightened because I loved seeing Ian. All the time. I love seeing him. "Sorry to just let myself in," he said smiling.

"You're fine," Alexander said. "You're always welcome."
Ian spotted me and smiled. He threw his arm around me and kissed my head.

"Good you're here Ian. I was just about to explain everyone's job today." Everyone groaned. When Liz was in charge, you better do the job that she has out for you or she would do some gruesome things to you. "Well, don't everyone be happy about this."

"It's Christmas Liz," Liam said. "Give us a break."

"No one gets breaks today. We have to get ready. We have to make dinner for everyone to enjoy. It has to be perfect." She nearly sighed at the end.

"Liz is right," I said coming to her rescue. "Our parents have cooked dinner for us and literally put up with us for so long. It's our duty to at least give them something in return, right?"

Everyone looked around before they nodded in agreement. "Good," Liz said smiling. She turned to Alexander and Lucas. "I'm going to write a grocery list and I need you both to go and handle that for me at the store." She turned to Ian and Kaleb. "There's a tree in our shed out in the back of our house that you both need to get out and put up." She turned to Liam and I. "You both have cleaning around our house to do." She turned and looked at us all. "Eric's flight comes in about-" she looked at the clock on her watch, "an hour, so we have Christmas lights."

"Should we get started?" Ian said.

"Wait! One more thing," she said smiling. She reached over the table, grabbed a little writing notepad, tore out pages and handed us each one.
"And this is for?" I asked taking my paper.

"Secret Santa."

Secret Santa was an annual tradition that we always did around this time of year, but we'd have to go fast and buy presents this year if we were going to have enough time.

Once our name was written down on paper, Liz took the liberty of writing her and Eric's name just in case and tossed them down in one of Ariel's vintage hats.

"Alright," she said. "Take your pick." We all took turns picking out of the hat. We waited with our papers in hand until everyone had one and there was one left in the basket for Eric. "You may open them."

I frowned once I opened mine.
Just my luck, I was stuck with Lucas.


Liam and I mopped the inside of the kitchen. We had been working on this house for almost two hours while in the next room, Kaleb and Ian were struggling with putting the Christmas tree up.

I smiled and turned to Liam. "Wait until they get to the Christmas lights."

Liam chuckled and placed his mop back into the bucket. He looked around at his spotless masterpiece. "Alright." He turned to me. "Looks like we're done with the rooms, Liz suggested for us to do." I smiled. "Wanna hit the road and go find us some cute little Christmas presents?"

"You read my mind big brother."

We walked towards the front door, stripping from the gloves that we wore and threw them in the trash can. Upon opening the door, Liz and Eric were just about to knock on it.

"How cute," Eric said. "Brothers and sisters coming and going."

"Well, we should be going now shouldn't we?" Liam said as he pulled my arm past Liz and Eric.

"We got out the Christmas lights for you both. They're sitting on the bottom stair!" I said.

"Oh c'mon. I haven't seen you guys in a day and a half. Don't I get a hug or something?"

"Air hug," I said. Liam and I turned, did two swift air hugs and then made our way towards his car. "Ta ta!"

We drove to the mall down the street, got out and made our way to the front. We promised to meet back at his car in about an hour which was probably enough time to find our presents and get the heck out of there, so that we could help Liz fix dinner before four o'clock came.

I rummaged through Esteel, some new store that Lucas had mentioned that he liked once. I threw my arms behind my head and searched through the jeans. Wow, I did not know what size jeans this boy wore. I picked the same size that Liam wore, found a cute shirt and grabbed it along with the jeans.

I ran to the cashier, paid for it all (which was expensive so he better love me after this) and ran towards Liam's car. We were all in a hurry.


Back at the house, things were pretty much hostile. The Christmas tree had been put up and Kaleb and Ian were out of sight, Alexander and Lucas were back with the groceries, so Liz and I got set on starting dinner. Lucas, Alexander and Liam helped Eric do the lights so that left Liz and I in the kitchen.

"So how's your secret relationship?" She asked once everyone was out of hearing of us.

I smiled as I preheated the oven and then began to cut up carrots for the pot roast. "Our secret relationship is just that." I looked at her.

"Oh c'mon," Liz said as she cut up some potatoes and diced some onions at the same time. "At least tell me if he's treating you good. I have a right to that."

"Of course he's treating me right. I'm not going to secretly be with him if he wasn't... Liz, do you think I'm stupid." I poured my cut up carrots into the pot with the roast in it.

"Of course not baby," she said dumping the potatoes and onions into the pot roast. "I think that your heart might be a little bit." I turned and shot her a look. She sighed, knowing that she had said the wrong thing. "No, that came out wrong."

"I think it came out just the way that I think you meant it," I mumbled grabbing the pot and shoving it into the oven.

"No," Liz said as she looked at me. "Your heart... it's more different than anyone else's. You can tell people what they need and that's okay, but your heart can do no more for you than what you can do for it. It doesn't know how to act while in love."

"Liz, what the hell are you saying?"

"Goodness, these psychology classes." She looked back at me. "What I'm saying is that your heart is on pause. You know that you should make your relationship public, but you can't."

"And tell me why I can't," I said crossing my arms getting more and more upset by the second.

"Because you know that you can't like Kaleb the way that you want to because you're in love with Ian."


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Published: 3/21/2013
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