Being Beautiful - Chapter Twenty Five

Briana is a 16-year-old girl who hosts a web show. She doesn't know her life without it and she just gives great advice on how to love yourself and no one else.
Chapter 25: Home Sweet Home

Liz stood smiling at the position that Kaleb and I were in. His face had turned red and I could only imagine what my face looked like in this situation.

"Liz," I mumbled swiping my bangs out of my face. "Liz, what are you doing out here?"

She shrugged, that smile still on her face. "Just roaming."

"It's one in the morning," Kaleb said. "Who roams in the hallway at one in the morning?"

"Apparently you both do," she said smiling. I sighed loud and heavy. I was more embarrassed than I could only imagine. "I'm gonna go back inside. Sorry for interrupting your..." She starting smiling again, "Your whatever." And she turned around to walk back inside, leaving Kaleb and I outside looking weirded out.

I let out the breath that I didn't know that I had and I leaned back against the wall. "How embarrassing was that?"

"Do you really have to ask?" I muttered.


We woke up the next day and packed. It was an amazing day yesterday and I couldn't have ever asked for a better day. As we were packing, Liz kept stealing weird glances at me and laughing and I couldn't help but become more flustered than anything.

Once we were done, we had about a couple of hours to spare before our plane let off. I laid down in my bed while everyone else went out to do their own thing. Liz came out of the bathroom and stared me down.

"So are you gonna tell me about last night?" I sighed. "Was that just like a one time thing or I mean..."

"I have feelings for Kaleb that I never knew I had," I said sitting up. "I... I don't know. I realized that the other day when I was talking to the other people nominated for the same award as me. I... I don't know Liz."

"But you swore," Liz said sitting beside me. "That you had no feelings for this guy."

"I was in denial," I muttered.

"I'm glad that you're finally admitting that." I rolled my eyes. "I'm glad that you guys are together or something..." She raised her eyes at me. "What are you both?"

"That's the thing," I said smiling. "We're kinda sorta... private."

She raised an eyebrow at me. "Are you serious? Was this your idea or his?"


"I thought he liked you!"

"I mean, it kind of makes sense," I said. "If Liam or Lucas would have found out, they would be egging me on to spend more time with him and not with Ian, and if Ian found out, you know how upset and mad that he gets when I like some other guy even if it's not him and if Ale-"

"Alright honey," Liz said smiling. "I understand." She shifted on the bed and faced me. "How the heck did you end up with a guy like that."

"You don't have to remind me," I muttered smiling. She pulled me into a hug and I rested into it. "Please don't tell anyone. I don't want my life to get anymore complicated than it already is."

"I'm your sister," she mumbled into my hair. "I'd never tell any of your secrets since you haven't told one of mine." I smiled at her. "Like when I sneaked Billy Thornton into my room when I was 13 or when I got an office referral for kissing behind the bleachers and when the principal called home, you acted like mom and I never got caught." I laughed and pulled back from her. "My lips are sealed."


I walked down in the lobby, stretching and looking around. My eyebrows raised and my heart kind of stopped when I saw who was standing in the lobby. Ty and Ricky were in the hall talking to Louis and Eric. I neared the staircase and sat on it so that they couldn't see me, but I could hear them.

"I guess we misunderstood what was going on in both of your lives," Ty said as he crossed his arms. "I'm sorry what happened to your mom Louis. If only we had just listened."

"No apology necessary," Louis said smiling. "I mean, we all thought differently of one another and the flipping table thing was just..."

"No explanation necessary," Ricky said nodding. "I think we've all gotten an understanding."

I saw them shake hands before Eric asked, "What made you come talk to us?" He crossed his arms over his chest. "Guilt? Pity?"

"Briana," Ty said. My eyes brightened. "She uh... when she yelled at us yesterday, she kind of made us realize that we liked you both for no reason."

"There was a reason," Ricky said. "Pure jealousy and we're sorry. We're terribly sorry."

Oddly enough, I noticed that Eric leaned over and hugged Ricky. Ricky was pretty taken back that he just hugged him out of nowhere and then Ricky just hugged him back.

Wow. I walk in on the most weirdest scenes.

"Briana?" I look up and notice that Dell is standing there with bags in her hands. I stood up and looked at her.

"Hey," I muttered.

"Hey..." She looked down and looked back up.

"Look I-" We both started at the same time. She smiled at me and said, "You first."

"I'm really sorry that I didn't tell you about Kaleb... It's just-"

"Don't apologize. Please don't." She smiled at me. "He told me all about it and I just felt bad, like I was doing something wrong. He told me not to feel bad, but I just do." She shrugged. "Please forgive me."

"How could I not!" I said smiling. "I should have told you the first time when you asked about what Kaleb and I were. I shouldn't have ever let you think something different and now you're heartbroken and I'm the person that caused all of this."

She smiled and pulled me into a hug and I rested there. "You're so adorable," she muttered into my ear. "I understand everything and I'm not heartbroken." I stood back from the hug. "And you both look cute together if you think about it." I rolled my eyes and smiled. "I love you dude." She held up her bag. "I have to go. My plane is about to land and I have to be on there."

"I love you too. Keep in touch lovely!" She smiled and waved at me as she walked toward the entrance and left. My insides warmed up and I couldn't help but want to cry. I might not see her for a long time and this was one of the last conversations that we had.

"Hey." I turned slowly and saw Ian standing there. It seemed like it was ages since I've actually had a one on one with him. "The plane is about to land so we have to be on the road." He saw my face. "What's the matter?"

I said nothing, but walked into his arms. He said nothing, asked nothing but just held me as I cried silently on his chest. He rested his chin on top of my head and held me tight. "I love you," he said through my hair.

"I love you always," I said as I tightened my grip on him.


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