Being Beautiful - Chapter Twenty Six

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Chapter 26: Home is Where the Heart Is

"Home Sweet Home!" Liam screamed running into the house and collapsing on the couch. "Oh couch, how I've missed you so much."

I came in right behind him and rolled my eyes. I sat my bags on the side of the couch along with Liz. We both eyed Liam and then Lucas as he jumped on the opposing couch and started to kiss the pillow like he hadn't seen it in years. My smile brightened.

"I guess home is always where the heart is," Liz said as she laid her head on my shoulder.

"You got that right sister," I said. I turned to the guys. "I'm washing clothes. Anyone-"

"I do!" They both screamed as they raced back outside to get their bags. I turned to Liz's giggling face. "Works every time."

We both pulled our bags down to the laundry room and helped one another put clothes into the washer and load it up. Once the boys came back in with their clothes, they helped us separate them and we all transitioned into the kitchen to drink some Cokes.

"So," Lucas said as we all got comfortable in the high chairs around the kitchen counter. "How does it feel to have accomplished something in your life?"

I rolled my eyes at him and then shrugged. "I'm actually relieved. It was so much and I'm glad to be home."

"Here, here," Liam said. "I loved the hotel and all its amazing wonders, but nothing compares to the warmth of home." He turned to me and I smiled.

"I feel the same way," Liz said. She shrugged. "Wish that Eric could have stayed longer."

"He'll be back on Tuesday," I said reassuring her. "He had some business to attend to."

"Still, couldn't that have waited until the holidays?" She asked. "I mean, his stupid professors could have understood. It's almost Christmas and then they decided to call him back. I don't understand."

"Neither do I," Liam said taking a swig of his Coke. "But we sometimes have to do things that we don't like."

There was a knock on the door. "I got it," Liz said standing up in a jiffy and heading toward the door. We heard it open and then close and then she was back in a flash with Alexander following her.

"Hey you guys," he said with a smile on his face. He shook the snow from his hair and then smiled.

"Hey!" Liam and Lucas said at the same time. During the time that we were at the Web-Lee's, Liam, Lucas, Alexander and Ian had found some time to bond over something stupid and now they were the best of friends. Like seriously.

"What's up?" I asked as he took a seat beside them.

"Your mother called my mother and said that their flight had been canceled until the morning. The snow finally came in." I sighed and looked down. "Brighter side, my mother and father wanted the night that we got home to be something fun so she wants to invite you over."

"For the night?" Liz asked, flashing me a look and then looking back at Alexander.

He nodded. "Well of course for the whole night. We have enough rooms for days. Have you seen our house?"

"Room isn't what I was worried about," Liz muttered under her breath.

I nudged her and then turned back to Alexander. "We'd love to."


Being at Alexander and Kaleb's house was much weirder without Ian by my side. I'm guessing that everything was weirder without Ian by my side. I stood in the double bathroom beside Liz as we both brushed our hair for the night.

"How weird is it being under the same roof as Kaleb?" She asked.

I looked over at her. "Awkward seeing as how you know."

"Well, I said I'd keep your secret," she said. "I didn't say that I'd not pester you about the relationship." I rolled my eyes and continued to brush my hair.

"Thanks Liz," I muttered. "I can always count on you, no matter what."

"I know," she said smiling. "Who can't?"

We finished brushing our hair, putting on our jammies and going downstairs on request where everyone was. My heart skipped a beat when I saw Kaleb sitting with his legs on the table and talking endlessly to Liam and Lucas. His eyes met mine and he smiled also.

"Briana, Liz," I heard his mother say. "Could you help me in the kitchen please?"

My eyes left Kaleb's as Liz drug me into the kitchen. Ariel was sitting at the counter and drinking her hot cocoa. There were two mugs of steaming, warm, fresh hot chocolate right in front of her and beside them, was whip cream and marshmallows. "Help yourselves," she said smiling.

So Liz and I did. Not caring on pigging out, Liz and I got our fair share of whip cream and marshmallows. We sat in front of Ariel and shifted through our hot cocoa.

"So what did you need help with?" Liz asked as she wiped whip cream off of her face.

"More like who." I raised my eyebrow and she sighed. Taking her glasses off, she began speaking again. "My niece is coming into town to stay with us for the remainder of the school year. Her mother is going on a sabbatical and I agreed to watch her daughter." She sighed. "It'll be hard for her to cope with moving. She's been moving around a lot and I want her to be settled."

"I think I know where you're getting with this," Liz said. "Of course we'll show her around and be there for her."

"Thank you so much," Ariel said. "Her name is Lisa. Lisa Wenchell. She's kind of handful so it might be kind of hard to have her listen to you, but you just have to work with her."

"No problem," Liz said. "It should be fun meeting more of your family."

Ariel rolled her eyes. "Wait until you meet Lisa."


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Published: 10/15/2012
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