Being Played

Sometimes love feels like a big theater, like a big play...
It’s like a rhythm of heartbreak for me, like a sad love song,
The difference is, it's a never-ending story,
It always ends up the same,
Doesn’t matter how charming or even how mature they seem to be,
They are all the same and for them this is a theater.

This is only a routine for them,
You are the child in the audience believing in their acting they "play",
How couldn’t you? It’s all so real,
The cute warming words the long talks,
Telling you about future plans giving you hope and expectations,
But this is again only a play and you are the one being played.

You been fooled once again,
As the scene closes its curtains,
You are left alone in the dark without anyone but yourself,
Still choked over what just happened,
Or... was she ever there?

The memory stays in your mind hunting you when you go to bed,
Later that night wondering what you did wrong,
You start telling yourself to never trust anyone,
You hide once again in your dreams,
At least there you can be safe from the coldness that reality has to offer,
And only there you can’t feel the stabbing pain,
That love cost your heart for trying.
Published: 12/3/2011
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