Believe, Be Brave, Be Free!

A bit of a political rant, an ideal of freedom.
As we wander through this world of confusion,
And we wonder how we ever got this far,
Do we start to think it's all a big illusion?
For how else can man explain his love of war?

Did the prophets sow their seeds of doom upon us?
Are we destined to fulfill the end of days,
Through the genocidal madness of our leaders,
Whose tyrannical rule keeps us in our place?

Through religious propaganda, they impede us,
By selling lies of Glory in the name of God,
Is it not strange that in a world where men are equal,
How the power hungry zealots twist the word?

Where in the sacred scriptures does it merit,
That hate be cursed upon us all with bile?
Yet still our leaders stand behind their pulpits,
And spew their murderous hatred through a smile.

Is it not the right of man to be an equal,
No matter his color, class, ethnicity, or creed?
Then why do they continuously encourage,
Our exploitation to fulfill their needs?

To be seen, but not be heard is undemocratic,
Still the tyrants claim a democratic name,
As they change the law to fuel the Whore's seduction,
And embrace the lies of Wormwood for their gain.

The misrepresentation of the electorate,
Is dumbfounding of the so-called democrat,
Whose ignorance of plain plebeian comment,
Demands compliant servitude to the aristocrat.

Opinions only recommended as a whisper,
Be careful not to expose your own ideals,
Lest it be offensive to those in power,
Whose political correctness seals the deal.

Divide and conquer seems to be their notion,
But what if we stood united in defiance?
Would they kowtow to the democratic principle?
Or will they send the troops to break up our alliance?

As they try to condone the act of kettling,
In condemnation of the right to demonstrate,
They excuse themselves with diplomatic warbling,
Whilst they pen us in as enemies of the state.

They ignore our contributions to society,
And the sacrifices gave in freedom's name,
They forget the blood we spilled to their warmongering,
And still they smile with ne'er a hint of shame.

It seems history has not taught us a lesson,
The philosophy of freedom's still a virtue,
A guarantee to each and every individual,
A promise from the God's that's still in situ.

Therefore, I shall stand tall in my defiance,
And my stoic pride will free me from their lies,
For as they try to break the spirit of my principles,
The resolution of my soul will never die.

So heed attention to your very own agenda,
Let not their rules impose against your will,
Believe with your own mind, heart, and spirit,
And embrace the cosmic freedom of your soul!
Published: 1/31/2014
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