Benefits of Regular Exercise

Can't seem to bring yourself to hit the treadmill or do 2o minutes of any form of exercise? What you need is a quick guide on the benefits of regular exercise to get you motivated enough to get you off that couch.
I am a person who is lazy by nature, I am not lethargic but I am lazy. Time and again people keep telling me that "You know, all this laziness will disappear once you start getting into a routine of regular exercise, you just don't know the benefits it" And every time I hear people tell me this I feel like telling them, "Yes I do know the benefits and blah, but for me to get started is a pain, I'm lazy remember." Well I have never been really motivated, but something here might strike a cord and I might, just might start exercising regularly.

How Regular Exercise Can Help You in Different Ways

Mood Elevator
Whether you are attacking the treadmill with a vengeance to avoid hitting your annoying colleague at work, or you are just letting out some pent-up energy or frustration, exercise will surely help with your mood. Irrespective of whether you are angry, sad, depressed or anxious, exercise helps, this is because it releases a chemical in your brain that makes you feel so much better. And of course there is that confidence in you that you have exercised and hence are on a way to a better and healthy life.

Walk away from diseases
You can walk away from chronic disease by simply walking or exercising. You can prevent heart disease and even osteoporosis by exercising daily. Exercise also manages your blood pressure, cholesterol levels and also makes you more active.

Weight management
This is the most important reason or benefit of exercising, and every one knows that. You exercise and you burn calories, and ergo lose weight. There are thousand excuses people come up with for not exercising, lack of time is a favorite. But there is always a solution, why not walk half way to work and then take a cab or the bus. Stake the stairs instead of the elevator and jump up and down at home every time there is a commercial on TV. Simple isn't it. But for those who do have the time, hit the gym, it's a great way to work out and meet new people.

Stronger heart and lungs
Do you notice how breathless you get after a walk up two flights of steps? Well this is because you do not exercise enough and you do not have sufficient stamina. This can be corrected by simply exercising for half an hour every day. Start small, with 20-minute walks and work your way towards 45-minute jogs everyday. And look how strong your lungs become.

Snooze better
Everyone loves to hit that snooze button on the alarm cause it seems like it went off to early and you still need more sleep. If you notice yourself getting tired easily and not getting enough sleep, the problem could be lack of exercise. Start exercising and watch how energetic you become and at the same time you will sleep better. No longer will you need to press that snooze button every ten minutes in the morning.

Spice up life
Believe it or not exercise can improve your sex life, and it's not because you become more flexible, but because you have more energy. No longer do you need to tell your partner "Not today honey, I'm too tired." Exercise will improve your blood circulation and help your sex life. It also helps men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Fun and more fun
Don't think of exercise as dull, that's no fun. Instead think of exercise as a social activity and see how much better it seems. If you are not the sort to join the gym then think about dance class or power yoga. Find a form of exercise that you enjoy doing. It doesn't have to be dull; it has to be fun and more fun.

So sign up at that gym, or go for tennis lessons with your latest love interest, and watch how much fun you have and how beneficial exercise is.
By Khushnuma Irani
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