Best 3D Modeling Software

Not everyone knows how to use the best 3D modeling software around, and this is what makes animators and graphic designers very highly paid employees in a variety of sectors.
The best 3D modeling software that is available in the market is useful for creating 3D computer generated imagery and visuals. These are advanced tools that are used by the best graphic designers and animators from all around the world, and learning how to use such software can open great avenues for you. Animation and 3D imagery is very highly in demand today, and there are many employers out there who would love to hire people who know how to use these such software efficiently.

The software that you use will depend on the kind of operating system that you are working on, as choosing a compatible software will help you get best results. It is generally said that the Macbooks made by Apple Computers are far more useful for these purposes, and there are a number of reasons behind this. Amateurs and beginners can make use of best 3D modeling software programs for Windows, whereas advanced users should carry out these tasks on a Macintosh.

Best 3D Modeling Software 2010

Here are some of the most well-known and widely used software choices for 3D modeling that you can easily find from any computer store around you.

Software Supporting OS
NewTek's Lightwave 3D PC and Mac
Maxon's Cinema 4D PC and Mac
AutoDesk's 3D Studio Max PC
AutoDesk's MAYA PC and Mac
Apple's Shake 4 Mac

There are a number of purposes that these such software can be used for, and these are not just restricted to 3D modeling. They can also help you perform 3D animation, rendering, visual effects, compositing, matchmoving and simulation. These are all necessary tasks for any kind of animated film and almost every single video game that is produced around the world today. Therefore, these are some of the best 3D modeling software for games as well. The kind of software that you use will heavily depend on what your needs are, and what you hope to achieve with the software. We recommend that you read up extensively on these 3D modeling software applications mentioned here, and pick one that fits your needs perfectly. Different people have different expectations from such software, and you should have a clear idea in your mind about what your use for these software programs is going to be like.

Here are some more nominations for the title of best 3D modeling software, though these are not as advanced as the 5 software choices mentioned above. The best 3D software options listed here are perfect for beginners, and people with less experience in this field.
  • Bryce 6
  • 3D Arsenal
  • 3D Software Object Modeler PRO
  • AC3D
  • Air 8.0
  • 3D Home Architect
  • 3D-Coat V3 Voxel Sculpting
  • 3D PaintBrush
  • Aartform Curvy
  • AccuRender
  • 3D Tile
  • Aladdin 4D
  • Acron 3D Modeler
  • ACIS 3D Toolkit
  • Blacksmith 3D
There are potentially hundreds of 3D modeling software solutions for you to choose from, and it all depends on the industry for which the animation is being developed. Movie makers use such software for visual effects, architects use it for projections of buildings and their drawings, video game developers use it for their characters and settings, engineers and automobile designers use it for their car models, chemists and scientists use it for projections of chemical compounds, and if you look harder, you will find many other industries where the best 3D modeling software for Mac's and PC's will come in handy.

The kind of results that you can achieve with these software programs are visually very appealing and stunning, and they can really open some great career opportunities for you in the field of graphic design and animation. Master the use of the best 3D modeling software, and get a related diploma from a reputed university, and you can enjoy the highly lucrative benefits of a highly promising career in the field of animation.
By Rahul Thadani
Last Updated: 9/21/2011
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