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Kids follow footsteps of their parents or their older siblings. If any one in your house is a photographer, then it is likely that your kids might also pick up an early interest in photography. In such cases a camera would be the most appropriate gift for kids, to boost their budding photography skills. However, it is extremely important to purchase a child-friendly camera for them. There are three options available for you, namely, the toy cameras, cheap digital cameras and professional digital cameras. Along with the technical details of cameras, one should also be wise enough to determine the difference between curiosity and creativity of the kids. If they are too small to handle intricate cameras, then you can purchase those toy cameras. Then gradually you can introduce them to digital cameras. You could go for one of those cheap digital cameras in your kids' learning phase. Confused? Let's find out more about how to choose the best one.

How to Choose the Best Camera for Kids

As I said earlier, one needs to identify whether your kids are really interested in photography. If they are too small to handle costly cameras, then it is always better to start off with cheaper and kid-friendly cameras. After dealing with these common things, you also need to make sure that you are purchasing a good camera for kids, which has the basic features that are required for a beginner photographer. The most basic things to look for to start with is the megapixels. Avoid purchasing less than 1 megapixel, because it causes blurred pictures as well as prints. Also make sure that the camera you are buying, has a flash so that kids can click indoor and night shots if they wish to. Along with these basic features, you should also check expandable memory and USB connection options for that camera. Hence, avoid cameras that come with a serial connection, which is pretty slow as compared to the USB connection.

Fisher Price V2752 Kid-Tough Digital Camera
Fisher Price V2752 Kid-Tough Digital Camera is a 1.3 megapixels camera with a built-in flash. This camera also has a 1.5 inches LCD screen. With 64MB internal memory, Fisher Price V2752 Kid-Tough Digital Camera works on 4 AAA batteries. This camera has a two-eye viewfinder, which is an added advantage for kids. This camera is rated as one of the most durable waterproof cameras for kids. Talking about cons of this camera, experts have doubts about the shutter button and image quality of this camera, which is pretty ordinary. Another drawback of this camera is that it doesn't expect external memory extensions like memory cards and hence you might have to be satisfied with its internal 64 MB memory. Fisher Price V2752 Kid-Tough Digital Camera is priced around USD 50.

Vivitar ViviCam 8400 Underwater Digital Camera
Vivitar ViviCam 8400 Underwater Digital Camera is the best camera for kids, if you are looking for an underwater digital camera. This compact camera comes with 8 megapixels image quality and 2.4 inches LCD screen. Inbuilt flash, video recording and good memory support of SD (secure digital) as well as MMC (multimedia card) cards is an added advantage for kids. Hence, if your kids are highly active outdoorsy kids who enjoy vacations and underwater expeditions, then Vivitar ViviCam 8400 Underwater Digital Camera is probably the ideal choice for you. The average cost of Vivitar ViviCam 8400 Underwater Digital Camera is around USD 90. You can find great deals for this camera on discount online stores and auction sites too.

Nikon CoolPix L19 Digital Camera
Nikon CoolPix L19 Digital Camera is a good camera for a slightly grownup kid, in age as well as experience in photography. Nikon CoolPix L19 Digital Camera comes with 8 megapixels resolution, 3.6x optical zoom with Nikkor glass lens. This camera is designed with advanced Nikon Smart Portrait System and hence it provides great picture quality. It comes with 2.7 inches LCD screen, adjustable ISO 1600, motion detection, excellent image processor and advanced memory support for SD/SDHC memory cards. However, you may need to purchase the memory cards separately. Average cost of Nikon CoolPix L19 Digital Camera is around USD 90, at Amazon.

Apart from those mentioned above, you may also like to check camera models like Olympus Stylus TOUGH 6020, Canon Powershot D10, Vivitar Vivicam VS28, and Argus DC-3185. Well then, I hope the above information about kids' cameras was of good use! All the best buying a camera for your kid-photographer!
By Rutuja Jathar
Published: 3/15/2011
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