Best Computer Jobs for the Future

People studying computer science and applications would be very much interested to know about the best computer jobs for the future. Have a look at these computer jobs which are going to dominate the future.
Computer is still known to be the best technological invention made by man. Since its inception, computers have been instrumental in bringing a new change in technology. There's not a single employment sector in the world which doesn't need computers for its smooth functioning. There's everything that you can do in a computer, you can make reports, check market data and also check your company's position in the market.

Understanding which are the top jobs for the future will affect your career drastically. It's not a secret that IT industry employs more than 7 million people alone in the US and computers are just not used in the IT department, they are used almost everywhere.

Best Paying Computer Jobs

With recent effects that the recession had on the US, students are now planning in to go for more lucrative jobs. Here are some of the careers in demand that guarantee a growth in the pay check and in the field.

Database Administrator
In today's uncertain economy, companies need to store data and make sure that there are people who take proper care of it. Safety is an important aspect in data administration and you have to make sure you protect the company's secret information and also store it. For this job, you need to have a degree and also a passion for computer programming. A database administrator is one of the top paying jobs and they draw a salary of $75,000.

Cyber Security Specialist
In the 1990s' the destruction of the web world by hackers had reached its par. So people thought that these dangerous skills could be put through good use and the job cyber security was born. Cyber security is a growing field and these professionals help protect company data and various other official websites from hackers and viruses. With a degree in computer science you can get a fat pay check of more $80,000.

Technical Writers
Among the best computer related jobs, the career of a technical writer is definitely a good one. There's a high demand of technical writers in the information technology sector due to their expertise of transforming technical information into simple English. Technical writers help in creating user manuals for the effective usage of software and other computer related tools. A degree in computer science and a course in technical writing is more than enough to get you a salary of more than $80,000.

Game Developers
The job of a game developer is a great job for the future and will surely become a high paying job in the coming years. The gaming industry is going through a major change with the release of different video game consoles in the market. This means more and more development of video games. A game developer earns up to $60,000 every year

Intelligence Analyst
The world is becoming a scary place to live in and intelligence analysts ensure that the common man gets his good night sleep. With one of such best jobs for the future, you usually wok for the military and for security agencies. Your main job is to cross check the information from different intelligence agencies and make sense of the information and decide what would be the new move of the enemy. Being one of the top paying computer jobs, an intelligence analyst saves the day by encrypting dangerous files. They draw a salary of more than $90,000 annually.

So these are the best computer jobs for the future. The whole world is becoming computer savvy, so I think it's safe to say that computer jobs are the future and are here to create more and more jobs.
By Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Published: 2/17/2011
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