Best Exterior Paint

Thinking over your house' exterior makeover? Searching for the best exterior paint? Are those wall colors struggling with the voices in your head? If you nodded at any of these, this article is a must-read.
Let me make a brutally honest statement before I start writing this article - Choosing the best exterior paint for your house is not just difficult, it could be devastating. What makes it so, isn't the process of painting but the process of decision making! Often people give all the importance to the interior design of their house, leaving the exterior. But the real image of your house is reflected through the kind of exterior it has. After all, a good exterior in a neighborhood always catches eyes. Haven't you ever turned your head to a good looking house while walking down the street? And I am more than sure that you would have wished, your house looked the same from the outside. Exterior painting could be more fun than you had ever thought of, provided you get proper guidelines on preparation of home exterior painting. You can get these guidelines from paint shop/store from which you will buy the exterior paint.

How to Choose the Best Colors

Exterior painting isn't a pain, choosing one is! Choose one wrong color and your house will look dull and lifeless. Choose a color too bright and your house will look like an awkward clown ball in the locality. You need to pick a bit of both and blend it in a manner in which your exterior looks balanced out. The best colors are those that will highlight the best features of your house and hide its flaws. There are different factors that are involved in choosing the best exterior paint for your house. Factors like your house' location, size and structure of the house and the materials used in the exterior of the house are considered before choosing exterior house paint.

Consider Your Neighbors
The next house in your lane can give you paint color ideas and themes but do not end up copying them. Choose your own colors that your eyes catch - it will reflect your individuality and will set you apart from most of the houses around.

Love the Nature
The countryside around your house is full of nature's bountiful colors. The woods around your house may invite the greens and the browns in your color palette. If your house is on a beach-front, try using coral and tropical colors like blues, coral and aquamarine greens and turquoises. A lovely garden with flowers may inspire you to add pinks and peaches in your color palette.

Roof Color
A newly built house is like a canvas, you can use any choice of colors to paint it. But this canvas isn't completely blank! Some colors are pre existent on it and you will have to coordinate new colors with them. Look at the color of your roof, doors and windows. Do not match exterior paints with the roof colors,let it build a concord between the colors.

Detailing is the Key
If you can make out the details, everyone else will! So, start with planning on the details like how many color to choose and a think about uniform exterior paint schemes, that will maintain a harmony of your exterior colors with the interior painting. Add accent colors for the doors, moldings, shutters, columns, and porch decks. You should also remember that using too many colors will end up in making your house, look like an amusement park!

Exterior Paint Finishes and Suggestions

Different exterior surfaces will need different varieties of paint and in many cases, it may require primer. If your exterior is made out of a wooden surface, make sure to consider using a mildew resistant paint. Some exterior paints also include fungicides these days, which keep your exterior fungus-free.

The best paint for wood is the acrylic latex paint, as it helps in resisting mildew and cracks and retains the color better than alkyd varieties. Make sure to use oil or latex-based primer before painting a wooden surface. Stain blocking latex primer is excellent for cedar and red wood. For painted wood, consider applying oil based primer suitable for pre-painted wood surfaces, after which you can apply any acrylic latex paint on the wooden surface. These acrylic paints are available in various 'finishes'. Eggshell finish is the easiest to maintain. The best paint for stucco and concrete is the acrylic latex paint best suited for masonry. But before that make sure you apply primer to the surface. Using two coats of masonry paint after this, or acrylic elastomeric wall covering, will give you the best results.

I know it's still not simpler for you to choose the colors - but I'm sure it at least gave you an idea about what's the best exterior paint for a particular kind of house or surface. Go paint your house into a beautiful vista and your house will paint the town red for you!
By Avanika Mote
Published: 2/22/2010
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