Best Friends Forever - Chapter Four

Richelle and Marcus meet up... but what happens when an unexpected visitor bust in. Picture is of Richelle.
The air is warm and comfortable as I walk towards Sam. Marcus is stuck in my head. For some unknown reason I feel like I am making a way too big deal out of this kiss. Then I see Marcus. He's leaning against the window in front of his Uncle's diner. He's rubbing his stomach and his abs are just all out in the afternoon sun.

He looks up and sees me and my heart stutters to a stop then jump-starts into a highly unrhythmical pace. I love this boy so nothing should be complicated. Everything could be easy with him, just like breathing. I should do it; I am going to do this.

He pushes off the wall to tower over me, his green eyes searching my fake overly cheerful face. Arms strong and lean muscled, envelope me in a hug, tightening when I participate.

"Hey," he says.

He pulls me along into the restaurant, and I follow, I know I am ready for this. I didn't sleep all last night because my mind was clouded with thoughts of us entwined.

"Richelle, did you here me?"
"Huh? Oh I'm sorry. I blanked out for a sec, didn't I."
"So do you want to order first or do you wan-"

He's interrupted by a young waitress. We order our usual, and commence into an awkward silence that is only interrupted by our chewing and slurping.

"Ellie," my pulse races at hearing him call me our childhood pet name. "So look this is not going exactly how I wanted so let me explain some things to you. Scoot."

I slide over in the booth and he slides in beside me his signature lopsided smile plastered on.

"It's really simple Ellie; you had to have kissed me for some reason right? So I am assuming that you have some feelings that you want to confess. But let's face it you are a punk, so you're not gonna own up."
"Okay Shut-up. Yeah I like you. I have for like a really long time."

"So why didn't you say anything?"
"Because, Jessica. Jessica and you were together and I did not want to fuck our relationship up and you and hers at the same time.
"The only reason I was with her was because I knew, me and you probably didn't have a future.
"Why the hell would you assume something like that?"
"I don't kn-"

The restaurant door opens and she slides through followed by her back up bitches, Jessica Sisay; the ultimate girl, smart, pretty and overall perfect. I hate her.

Her long orangutan arms wrap around his neck. At the end of her fat Vienna sausage fingers her red polished claws sparkle in the sunlight that shines into Sam's.

"Hey baby, what are you doing?"
"Nothing just chilling with Richelle."
"Oh, hey Richelle."
I turn when I feel her eyeballs burning into my skull. "Hey Jessica."
"So Richelle can we have a little chat? You know a woman to woman."
"Umm sure. I guess."

"Great. Honey do you mind moving to another table so that me and Richelle can talk."
He stands and moves to another table with the drones in tow. She begins to speak drawing my attention back to her.
"Richelle, my ears are burning."
"With, what?"
"A little online incident, so do you want to spill or do you need a lead in?"
"Wait Jessica I want to apologize for what I said on the episode. I was just upset after what happened."

"Oh and what exactly did happen?"
"Well, umm. I kissed Mac-Marcus. But believe me we've already talked and I re-"
"Listen and listen well bitch. Marcus and I are together. You got that? And your little crying jag doesn't mean a dang thing. You're not anything to him. Your friendship is bound to end."

"Really Jessica. Really."
"I mean please. Look at you. What are you wearing? You're a slutty weirdo."
"I refuse to take clothing advice from someone whose wardrobe resembles a Disney princesses."

"Ooh please. Face it. He will never go out with you, Richelle. I honestly don't know what he sees in you."
"Maybe it's my charming sense of humor and ability to put up with crap from his soon to be ex- girlfriend."
What do you think was Jessica mean Enough?
My five-year old sister is Meaner.
Published: 11/8/2012
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