Best Friends Forever - Chapter Two

In chapter two Richelle is scared to confront Marcus about their kiss, while Marcus is ready for anything she throws his way...
I wake up with burning red eyes, and crazy Einstein hair. Looking at myself in the mirror I think that just maybe we can go on without even speaking about this. But then I feel a shock as I flicker back to a memory of yesterday, his hands at my waist grabbing me and tugging me closer. He kissed me back.

Warm water streams down my body erasing soap suds and facial scrub. The bathroom is thick with steam. My towel covers my nakedness as I step into my bedroom to a surprise. All my girls sit facing me; large doe-eyed Elizabeth, crystal blued Jessie and honey golden Guadalupe.

"We saw the broadcast." Lupe is the first to speak.
"Yeah it..." I stop myself. What the hell am I supposed to say to my friends that I have known for years? I can't lie and say it was nothing they saw my ratchet ass.
"So you and Marcus, finally!" Jessica laughs.
"This is not a comical matter. I don't even understand how it happened." I choke out.
"It doesn't even matter. You guys have been flirting around a relationship for years, and now that a fire was sparked with that kiss you might as well look into it, I mean you do like him right?"
"We were going to get some Fro-Yo. We'll talk more there, so get dressed." Goes Elizabeth firmly dismissing my ass.

I pull out my favorite faded jeans and gray sweatshirt. Looking at me up and down they begin a whisper session, concern etched on their faces. We head out of the door to Lupe's red Toyota Prius C. The window's are down and our hair blows in the wind. We pull up to a red light and there he is. In the black Prius beside us, Marcus and his friends, and I guess my ex-friends, Jason and Sean sit. Jamming out to a Rejectz song, they laugh and joke around. While I sink lower in the passenger seat, praying in my head and out loud that he won't look over and see me sitting there. But I guess God is not listening. He turns and sees me and a grin the size of Texas covers his face. Then the light turns green and we turn right while they go straight.


Marcus' POV

What the fuck are you crying for? I mean it was perfect.

Seeing Richelle weeping with a snotty nose, black raccoon watery eyes, and crazy hair has made me feel no different about her then I have for the past eight years. I realized that I had more than brotherly affections for Richelle when I was ten. I knew that she didn't feel the same and that was kind of fine with me. I took cold shower after cold shower when I realized that she affected more than just my heart.

Now year's later things between us had changed. I didn't want to be the asshole of our relationship and fuck everything up by telling her that I love her. But I just couldn't stand the single life so I grabbed Jessica; mocha skin, soft black hair, curves galore and a rocking personality to match the looks. What she and I had was fun, nothing like Richelle and I. Now granted I may sound like a total dick when I say this, but she was easy, friendly and sweet nothing too serious. Richelle and my friendship was on fire.


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Published: 10/24/2012
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