Best Furniture Polish

It is essential to use the best furniture polish in order to maintain your prized furniture for a longer period. Here is information about different types of furniture polish.
You must have researched a lot in the market and chose the best furniture available. Wooden furniture always tops the list of the most popular furniture as it has a classical as well as a modern appeal. However, they also need a lot of maintenance apart from the usual dusting and cleaning, and that is polishing. We often wish to use the best furniture wax or polish, but, are not aware of the different varieties available in the market; their advantages and drawbacks. So, here is a guide on types of furniture polish.

Top Rated Furniture Polish

One should be aware of the ingredients and properties of the product that one uses for cleaning furniture. Sometimes, certain products can do more harm or damage to the wood furniture than good and hence, it is wise to check twice before going for any product meant for furniture polish. Furniture polish are also available in different forms like solid, liquid, aerosols, semi solids, etc. It should be noted that every type of polish is meant for a certain type of furniture and should be limited for the same. Sometimes, one can also get furniture polish and cleaning products directly from the manufacturers. However, it is wise to be aware of the ingredients present in it, to prevent the furniture from getting damaged.
  • Wood oil is the most commonly used furniture polish in several households. This product is easy to use and makes wooden furniture appear shiny and attractive. However, one of the drawback of this is that it is not suited in high traffic areas as dust is bound to settle on the oil coated furniture.
  • Aerosols sprays are also one of the commonly used type polish. They are extremely easy to use and their usage leads to less time consumption. However, they are not meant for wood furniture due to their damaging ingredients.
  • If you are looking for the best wood furniture polish, then beeswax furniture polish can be considered. Although a wax polish is not as easy to use as the liquid polish, it helps in polishing furniture without damaging it.
Homemade Furniture Polish

Although beeswax and wax-based polishing agents are considered as the best furniture polish for antiques and furniture, many people complain of the typical odor these products release after use. Furniture polish are also accused for causing air pollution at home and may not be good for those suffering from allergies. In that case, there are several homemade furniture polish that can be made using simple ingredients at home. An oil and vinegar based polish is considered as the best polish made at home. The furniture polish made at home is also inexpensive as compared to the commercially based ones. Therefore, you can definitely consider going for it!

Based on all the different options presented to you, you can decide which product to use in order to polish your furniture. Lastly, remember that wax polish or the homemade ones are the best options available today if you wish to preserve your treasured wooden furniture for long. Good luck!
By Madhura Pandit
Published: 12/6/2010
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