Best Places to Meet Women

Women are everywhere but you just can't find one! Well, look out at these places where you may have some chance to meet a dazzling lady. Hope is all you have right now. So, move ahead and give some or all of these places a try.
Guys, I can hear you grinning and grumbling! Yes, I can feel the vibes! The collective consciousness of the male species, who have been deprived of the much wanted fun, joy and interest of meeting women (due to various reasons like break up etc.) are shouting at the top of their voices, and there is only one question in their minds, 'What are the best places to meet women?'. Well, friends, before I introduce you to such places, where you can have the most-awaited-opportunity of meeting women, you need to give a thought to it! We all are aware that there are innumerable places where you can meet those beauties. This article will list some of those, where the probability of finding women is maximum.

Health Clubs
Health clubs are the ideal places where you can find many women who have enrolled for various classes. Besides getting a healthy body and flexed muscles, you can have loads of opportunities to meet some real beauties.

Dance Classes
Well, I have seen a large number of girls enrolling for dance classes, be it the salsa, samba or rumba, girls love to dance and if you know dancing, then it can be real fun. Remember the movie Shall We Dance; how the protagonist of the movie, John Clark (Richard Gere) joins a dancing class smitten by the gaze of Paulina (Jennifer Lopez), a dancer in the same class. At the end, it turns out be a beautiful experience for John who not only discovers his love for dancing, but he also comes to know what exactly he wants in his life! I guess, dance classes are extremely popular places to meet ladies.

Besides these, some other places you can try to meet women are:
  • Book clubs, libraries and book shops.
  • Shopping malls
  • Restaurants
  • Amusement Parks
  • Churches
  • Movie Theaters
  • College campus
How to Meet Women?
Now, you know where to meet women however, the real fun starts when you approach the women. Many guys find it difficult to talk to girls and they end up wasting precious (and scarce) opportunity, that the girl had given them. So, friends, if she gives you signs of talking, like smiling etc, then don't hesitate to approach her. Just go out and start the conversation. Give a smile and start talking to her. Here are some fundamental tips on how to meet women.
  • Your dress speaks volumes about your personality. Don't overdo while dressing up in the quest to impress the girls. Be yourself and dress neatly.
  • Be armed with several conversation starters to use it when needed. Use them at the right place and at the right time.
  • Don't get nerve wrecked when it comes to talking to girls. Shed all your inhibitions and be confident.
  • If you are good at talking and can flirt easily with women, then it's good for you, however be sure not to dominate or over flirt.
  • When you are meeting the women, remember you can't date her immediately or ask her to be your girlfriend. First know her properly, at least for a few weeks.
  • Male chivalry is always appreciated. Treat her nicely and be good friends. What else can you expect in the very first meeting!
  • Prepare for future and make sure you ask her for a dinner on the weekend or a disco some day. Show genuine interest!
How to Meet Women Online?
Online dating is the buzzword today. While online dating has made the interracial dating possible, side by side, it has also resulted in thousands of fake identities. There are various free online dating services, that provide you the privacy required, to date somebody sitting in some other corner of the world. There have been many successful marriages and relationships via online dating, however, one must exercise various cautions. When you are meeting women online, be honest in revealing your identity. Now, this does not mean that you disclose all your personal information without giving any thought to it. No, what I mean to say is that, mention your real name or share your pics, however, ensure that the other person is interested in dating and is not faking his/her identity. Online dating couples meet after sometime, when they have known each other for sometime and are comfortable with the idea of meeting.

Best Place to Meet Single Women
If you have had a break up a long time ago, and you are now bored of being single, then it is best to start looking for a single women. Stop being 'lone lonely loner' locked up in your room. Move out, break the shell. Yes, guys, no matter what, the thing is you got to switch off the idiot box, get out of the sofa and get ready to go on a ride with your friends, to some places where you can meet single women. Just bring back the fun and merriment of making female friends. Who knows you may find a really good friend and if you are lucky enough, then your soulmate (great!). The best places to meet single women are a bar/pub, yoga classes, gyms, churches. You just need to visit these places and see if this works out for you. Fortune favors the brave! Keep trying!

Now, I don't say that these are the only places where you can meet women. There are innumerable places to meet women, however more important than that factor is; how you convert that meeting opportunity into a friendship! Hope you may find these tips useful and you have a nice experience meeting them! All the best!
By Kundan Pandey
Last Updated: 9/28/2011
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