Best Rifle Scope For The Money

If you are looking for the best rifle scope, you have landed on the right page. Here I present reviews and a buying guide pertaining to the same.
If you are asked to name one rifle accessory, that's the most important of all, for hunters and policemen or defense personnel, what would it be? Surely, it has to be the rifle scope. It's an essential addition to your hunting gear. The sniper capability offered by a scope is simply unmatched. Whether it's hunting game or chasing down a criminal, scopes can give you the edge you need.

Rifle Scope Buying Guide

You may have the best rifle, but without a good scope, it can be useless in long range shooting. What are the features to look out for, when shopping for a scope? What are the features that make the best scope? There are more than one features to look out for. First and foremost feature that you must check out is its maximum power setting and its adjustment facility. The more powerful the scope, more effective it will be. Look for magnification power which is commensurate with the maximum depth of visual range you require. Second important feature are the adjustments. Look for scopes that offer minute adjustments and are easily operable. Thirdly, look out for the objective lens size. The best sniper rifles have scopes with large objective lenses. So look out for the objective lens size. More the size, better is its light gathering capacity.

Other than these three points, you must look out for the kind of reticle built inside a scope. An illuminated scope is preferable, even in night vision scopes. See that you get a good base and ring for your rifle, along with a cover, with the rifle scope. Look for durable pieces that can outlast rough usage, rather than opting for delicate pieces. Let us now look at contenders for the title of best rifle for the money in the next section.
Reviews of Best Rifle Scopes

Here are the best rifle scopes that money can buy for you. I focus on budget scopes here, that fall in the low price range. If money is not an issue (if you can spend in excess of $1000 to $2000), opt for U.S. Optics or Schmidt Bender scopes.

Nikon ProStaff 3-9x40 Rifle Scope
The Nikon ProStaff is one of the best rifle scopes available in the market today. With a price tag of $141.99 on Amazon, this scope offers a 3-9x40 (3 to 9x magnification with 40mm objective diameter) power setting range. Built with high performance lenses, this product comes with a lifetime warranty from Nikon. Its multiple layered anti-reflective coating and improved contrast make it the best long range scope for the money, in the mid price range. It has a special bullet drop compensating reticle and a very minute adjustment facility. It has added fog and moisture protection to ensure a clear view in varied conditions.

Bushnell Tactical Elite 3200 5-15x40mm Rifle Scope
This Bushnell product offers 5-15x of power rating with an objective size of 40 mm. This one will serve you well, even in wet conditions and provide clarity and superior image quality. With multicoated lenses and a special rain-guard coating and waterproof construction, this is one of the top choices of many hunters. This is one of the most durable of scopes and advertised as having recoil proof construction. It can be all yours for $334.49 on Amazon.

Yukon NVRS Tactical 2.5x50 Night Vision Rifle Scope
This is the best night vision rifle scope in the mid price range. With a 50mm lens and 2.5x maximum power setting, this one comes with a life-time warranty. One of the most durable of scopes, built with a titanium body, it comes with a laser pointer and a 15 degree field of view. It will cost you about $599.99 on Amazon.

Barska 6-24x50 IR Sniper Scope
This is a sniper rifle scope, built for precision firing. Hunters can't help but drool over this beautifully crafted optical masterpiece with a 50mm objective lens and 6-24x magnification. Built for long range shooting, it is equipped with side parallax focus which helps achieve precision focusing. Most importantly, all these features come at a discounted price of $154.99 on Amazon.

Depending on what kind of magnification and range you are looking for, there are plenty of good scopes out there, which you could opt for. Besides the top four reviewed above, here are some more scopes, which you might want to consider.
  • BARSKA 6.5-20x50 AO Varmint Target Dot Rifle Scope($89.94)
  • Osprey 10 - 40x50 mm Long Range Tactical Scope($169.97)
  • BARSKA 3-12x50 IR Huntmaster Pro 30/30 IR Cross Rifle Scope ($69.99)
  • UAG 10-40X50 Dual Red & Green Illuminated Tactical Rifle Hunting Sniper Scope ($79.95)
  • Firefield 10 - 40x50 Illuminated Long Range Tactical Rifle Scope ($99.90)
  • AOE 6-24x50 DUAL Illuminate Rangefinder Rifle Scope ($99.00)
  • Simmons Predator Quest 6-24x 50mm Rifle Scope ($206.99)
  • Barska Point Black Rifle Scope AC11392-6-24x40 ($169.97)
The benefit of using a superior rifle scope will be apparent when you start using it and the accuracy of your hits increases substantially.
By Omkar Phatak
Last Updated: 3/6/2012
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