Best Sample of Acknowledgments

This is my sample of acknowledgments for our upcoming visual poetry book.

'The Filipino Migrant Writers' Society' is glad to finish this visual poetry book, something that we're going to treasure for the rest of our lives. This book is for all people in the world, especially to our fellow Filipinos who were victims of super typhoon Haiyan last November 8, 2013.

At the beginning, writing is difficult for us because we need to find time to finalize this project despite hectic schedule in our fields of work. But we're all grateful to God Almighty that writing exercise is finally over.

The people we will acknowledge here who inspired us to make this literary book into reality are our families, relatives, and friends:

Kathleen Luntao

Alon Calinao Dy - To my lovely wife Dr. Gre Pearl Gay B. Dy, parents Mr. & Mrs. Prudencio A. Dy, Jr., brother Milton C. Dy, sister Kissy Dy-Pascual and her family, grandmothers Pacencia Abenis Paglinawan and Soledad Agoy-Agoy Calinao, late granfathers Prudencio Dy Sr. and Teodoro Calinao Sr., cousins Junil, Judan, ate Lot, Aris, Jam, Jay, Judan, sisters-in-law Michelle A. Bautista and Grace Bautista, special thanks to Isabella Cruz and Fina Javier Ostan, and to all my relatives and friends that I forgot to mention it here.

Hermie Gernalie

Joel A. Santos - To those people who believed and supported us. Thank you very much. We appreciate the opportunity to write this book. We know that without each other's support and cooperation, we will not be able to accomplish the book we ever desired.

Our objectives are very clear and we're aware some groups may not last long for they have lack of trust, respect, and open communication to one another. As much as possible we'd like to maintain those good values within us and follow our objectives, because we understand that everyone of us has unique personality traits and characteristic features.

Though we're open to any suggestions and comments, it doesn't mean anyone can make us feel small. We have positive outlooks in life and we'll continue to believe in ourselves, especially to God.

This book will be impossible without enlightenment from HIM. Thus, we encourage readers to be respectful and support us share this book to everyone whom you loved.
Published: 12/4/2013
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