Best Stomach Exercises

The stomach exercises help to tone up the muscles of the abdomen and achieve our target of a flat stomach. Read this article to know about the best stomach exercises to flatten stomach.
We all love to be physically fit in order to look good so that we can create a good impression for ourselves while interacting with other people. But, this can be achieved only through regular workouts and maintaining a proper diet. Each and every part of our body needs sufficient and correct exercise to ensure its smooth functioning and good health. Doing this can prevent health problems like high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems.

Many people, including working professionals, old people and children too, have a problem of excess stomach fat. Having a fat belly not just affects your look, but also causes health problems like diabetes and high cholesterol levels. The main reason for this problem is the accumulation of excess calories due to the lack of exercise. The stomach is, according to many experts, one of the most difficult areas to tone up. However, by doing the stomach flattening exercises under the inspection of a certified fitness trainer, this can be easily made possible.

The Popular Bicycle Exercise
The bicycle exercise is one of the best stomach exercises for the rectus abdomen. For doing this exercise, you should follow the following steps. First of all, lie down on the floor and bring your palms to the back of your head. Now, slowly try to bring your knees towards your chest without moving your neck. Try to bring the left elbow towards the knee of the right leg by turning your upper body to the right side. After practicing this for a few minutes, you can reverse your positions and bring the right elbow towards the knee of the left leg. Doing this exercise regularly will definitely help you get rid of the excess belly fat.

Using Exercise Ball For Stomach Exercises
Exercising the abs with the help of an exercise ball workout is a fun filled and one of the most effective methods of exercising. Follow these steps every time you do this exercise. Lie down in such a way that the ball is under the middle or at the lower end of your back. You should place your arms behind your head firmly. Now, after doing this, try to lift your torso off the ball by stretching your ribcage towards the position of your hips. This can be successfully done by proper contraction of your abs and by keeping the ball stable at every movement of the exercise. Do this effective exercise for 10-12 times to see good results.

The Reverse Abdominal Crunch Exercise
This exercise is suggested for many people in the gyms as well as during exercise sessions. Here is the process of this exercise step by step. First of all, you should lie flat on your back by stretching your legs and placing your hands behind the lower back. By strengthening your muscles, try to raise your legs slowly and steadily in a position perpendicular to the floor without bending your legs. Take your legs as high as possible by keeping the lower back flat on the floor and then bring them down slowly. Stop bringing down the legs at a position just before the legs touch the ground and take them up again. You should repeat this procedure several times to benefit from the exercise.

The aforementioned exercises are the easiest and best stomach exercises, which have shown positive results in case of many people. The chances of success in your case will depend on your sincerity and hard work.
By Charlie S
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