Best Time to Purchase Airline Tickets

We all search for the best deals and best time to purchase airline tickets. Understand how to beat the airline companies at their own game with this article.
Whether it's an international trip or a domestic travel, the best way to cover any distance is with airplanes. You reach your destination in short amount of time and don't get too tired as well (unless it's a non-stop international flight). And since flying is an easier option to travel for many, airline companies tend to have not-so-affordable airline ticket prices. Now as a consumer, we find this factor as a disadvantage because we have to shell out more money for the tickets. But what if there was a technique that could help us beat the system and get more affordable tickets? Is there a best time to purchase airline tickets? How far in advance should we book the tickets in order to get the best deal possible? That is what this article is all about, finding the best time to buy airline tickets. So, what are we waiting for? Let's get down to business.

When to Buy Airline Tickets

It's a normal human tendency to search for flights that cost us as little as possible. Every year, it seems as if everything starts to cost slightly more than the previous year. And that is why, knowing the right time to book tickets becomes that much essential. In order to know about low cost deals or the best time to buy airline tickets to Vegas, Los Angeles, or anywhere in the world, go through the article for some helpful pointers.

Best Day and Time
According to AARP, they claim that the best time of the day is between midnight and 1 am on a Wednesday. Now that's vague when you think about it. If this concept has to be true, shouldn't we keep the time difference in mind? I mean a person living in New York purchasing a ticket to Thailand and another person living in India purchasing the same ticket, will this time frame be similar for both? And who's Wednesday morning are we taking into consideration? New York or India? Or Thailand for that matter?

To understand this ideology, let's make it slightly more clear. Regardless of where you live, any city, state, or country, depending on which airline you choose, you will consider the one hour time frame of that place. So for example, American Airlines (AA) headquarters is in Fort Worth, Texas. So, Texas will be the home base and when it's Wednesday there, between midnight and 1 am, that would be the best time to purchase tickets for AA.

But how far in advance should we book the flight in order to get the most reasonable or cheap airline tickets? Is there something like the cheapest days to fly? First of all, it's a good practice to aim for low cost airlines. Always check for some special deals, if offered, before you book any airline ticket. This can help you save considerably while booking the flights. Also, if you think that searching for airplane tickets a week or few days before your departure will be enough time to give you a good deal, then forget about it. I mean, it's all about doing the math. Which airline company is willing to keep their prices lower till the very last minute?

Even the airline companies have a goal to sell more number of expensive airline tickets so that they can make money and stay in business. Which is why, as the days come closer, the prices begin to go higher. So the point is, if you know sometime in advance that you'll be traveling in the future, keep yourself updated on various deals that you can avail, stay flexible with your flying dates, book at least 2 months to 21 days in advance to get your hands on cheap airfares, and be alert about the different timings of the same flight.
By Sheetal Mandora
Published: 8/27/2010
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