Best Vacation Spots in Mexico

Mexico, with its tropical climate, is the ultimate vacation destination of many. To know what are some of the best vacation spots in Mexico, read on...
One of the most beautiful countries and the most sought after destinations by tourists is Mexico, with its rich and varied Mayan culture. Mexico offers a cornucopia of pleasure to its tourists like exotic beaches, ruins of the Mayan civilizations, restaurants that serve authentic Mexican cuisine, and shopping malls. The best time to go on a Mexico vacation is between December to mid summer, where the climate is at its best and the cities are buzzing with activity. Here are some of the best vacation spots in Mexico, that have an aura and beauty of their own.

Best Vacation Cities in Mexico

Given here are a few of the most enticing Mexico vacation spots for an unforgettable experience. Glance through this overview and plan your vacation accordingly.

Acapulco can be called one of the most beautiful places in Mexico with its picture postcard scenery of the Acapulco Bay. This city is quite popular for its nightclubs, gourmet restaurants, and good hotels. You can even enjoy numerous water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling in the warm, pristine beaches of the Acapulco Bay. Enjoy sunbathing on the Barra Vieja beach, which is quite popular among the tourists, especially during the summer vacation. Pay a visit to the famous Capilla de la Paz (Chapel of Peace) and get mesmerized in the architectural beauty of the building. There are also many beach resorts which are quite affordable.

Get ready to go wind surfing, paragliding, sailing, or kayaking if you are on a Cancun vacation. Yes, if you are planning to visit Cancun, then get geared to have the most wonderful time of your life. Cancun is fondly called the Caribbean jewel of the Yucatan peninsula, because of its picturesque white sand beaches. The waters are so clear that the colorful underwater life can be easily visible. Enjoy salsa and cumba in the nightclubs or if you want to spend a peaceful time on the beach, rent a beach home and lose yourself completely in the breathtaking beauty of the beach. A perfect honeymoon destination that will turn out to be a memorable one. Cancun is a destination rated as one of the top ten vacation spots in Mexico.

Cozumel, (meaning The Island of Swallows in Mayan language), is the largest island of Mexico with its white sand beaches and the many hued waters of the Caribbean ocean. The popular attraction of this island is the multi-colored coral reefs, which are clearly visible in the crystal clear waters. The main Cozumel attraction include an underwater marine park, the Faro Celerain Eco Park, the Chankanaab Park where one can swim with the dolphins, the Scuba Du Specialty Shop and other such state parks which offer lots of fun filled activities. You can also go scuba diving, with colorful fish fearlessly swimming past you, and get a closer glimpse of the enchanting underwater world. An awesome beach vacation destination and also one of the cheap vacation spots in Mexico.

Another attractive, and also the second largest, city of Mexico is Guadalajara, which is the capital of Jalisco. In this city you can get a taste of both, the past and the present. There's more to this, Guadalajara is popular because it was in this place where tequila, a popular alcoholic drink, was first created. Children's amusement parks, zoos, rodeos, cathedrals, etc., are some of the Guadalajara attractions. Enjoy the plethora of celebrations and local festivals which go round all through the year in this beautiful city. The climate is also mild, which makes it all the more enjoyable.

Mexico City
Being the capital and one of the most lively places in the country, Mexico City is a place full surprises. There are many things to do in Mexico city, which offers everything for everyone. There are many popular archaeological sites and museums, which hold the relics of the past like the National Museum of Anthropology, El Palenque, Teotihuacan which houses the Pyramid of the Moon, Calzada de Los Muertos (avenue of the dead) and the Pyramid of the Sun. Mexico city also has the largest zoo of Mexico, the Chapultepec Park, where there are many exotic species of flora and fauna can be seen, as well as a children's museum Papalote Museo del Nino. Surely an apt place for a family vacation.

Monterrey, or the City of the Mountains, as it is aptly called because of the many hills and valleys, is a rich reflection of the Mexican culture. Some famous Monterrey attractions that are a must visit include the mountain of Canon de la Huasteca, the historical village of Pueblo de Santiago, Museo del Vidrio and Bioparque Estrella park to name a few. The city has many affordable hotels, which offer packages for touring the place, like going for a trek in the mountains, etc. Monterrey is a shopper's paradise as well, with many arts and crafts items, handmade leather goods and other souvenirs that are priced according to everyone's pocket.

The fourth largest city in Mexico, Puebla is also the UNESCO World Heritage Center for its well preserved cathedrals and other religious structures of the 16th and 17th centuries. The houses in this city are built in a fusion of American and European styles. Situated at the base of the Popocatepetl volcano, the main attractions of one of this major city in Mexico are Catedral Basilica de Puebla (Cathedral of Puebla), Iglesia de Santo Domingo (Church of Santo Domingo), Cantona Archaeological Ruins, etc., with beautifully tended gardens on the outside.

Puerto Vallarta
Another popular place to visit in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is also known as the soul of Mexico. This coastal city has tour planners that offer varied excursions and tours to different parts of the city. Enjoy the hospitality of the locals and get mesmerized in the stunning beauty of nature. Enjoy the true Mexican tradition of watching bull fights and entice your taste buds to grilled marlin, a local dish prepared in the authentic Mexican way. Also enjoy live concerts on the beach and buy local wares for keepsake.

Riviera Maya
Welcome to the home of Caribbean beaches, with sun, sea and sand. Riviera Maya, also known as the Mayan Riviera, is the tourism district of Mexico. Lose yourself in the sapphire blue waters of the beach, well contrasted with white sand. Enjoy the pristine, untouched beauty of nature at its best with stunningly beautiful flowers, wildlife, plants and warm sunshine. On a romantic night, get bemused under the starlit sky, with the pale moonlight and the soft whispers of the waves and breeze. There are also many vacation rentals and hotels right on the beach where you can enjoy these gifts of nature. A visit to Riviera Maya will make you realize El paraslo es para siempre (Paradise is Forever).

The main tourist attraction in Mexico is the world's second longest barrier reef - The Great Maya Reef. Visit the mystic ruins of the Mayan civilization, go swimming at the beach or the subterranean sinkholes, or even go shopping. Accommodation is also cheap and there are many resorts and hotels right on the beach, where you can enjoy the pleasant breeze and the scenic beauty of the rising and setting sun. For a relaxed vacation, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, visit Tulum.

These were a few of the best vacation spots in Mexico out of the many beautiful places in this country, which you can visit with family and friends. Pack your backpacks to have a fun time in this vibrant and colorful country.
By Marlene Alphonse
Last Updated: 10/7/2011
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