Best Way to Gain Muscle

Muscle is tough to build and easy to lose. However, the key is gaining the right muscle in the right areas. Let us try to find the best way to gain muscle.
"Anthony was a lean fellow. All through high school he was admired for being the school quarterback with a lean mean physique. But, as always, college was a different ball game all together. He was too lean to be a college man. The guys made fun of him and prodded him around and the girls, they didn't even know he existed. After a year of negligence or ridicule, Anthony decided to make a life altering decision. He decided to gain muscle. Not because he couldn't be without it, but because, for all to know what a great guy he is, he needed to look like he belonged there. In his spring vacation, he decided to approach a physical trainer and counselor. After several sessions, he arrived at some great ways to gain muscle and some super cool muscle building tips."

There are a few key and basic points that need to be done and kept in mind, in order to have muscles and making them big, Johnny Bravo style!

Top Ways to Build Muscle

Calorie Count
If you plan on getting anywhere with your muscle gain plan, you need to get eating. Start calculating the calories you have in a day. Now, add 500 to that number. That is how much calories you should be consuming. Try to make sure that you have one gram of protein, per pound of your weight.

Cardiovascular Exercises
Using the treadmill and other cardiovascular exercises needs to be reduced considerably. So use the treadmill only 3 times a week. The reason is that cardio burns the muscle as well as the fat. Limited cardio will burn the fat and spare the muscle. Even while you use the treadmill, sprint for about a minute, then jog for two. Do this for about half an hour.

Stretching Exercises
Stretching is one of the ways of gaining muscle while keeping the body flexible and supple. More so, it is a great warm up and it prevents injuries. Another factor to consider, is that it is a great way to recover from an exhausting workout. All in all, stretching is the required framing to a great and fulfilling workout!

Full Body Workout
A full body workout is essential for a balanced muscle gain. So you need to split your workout, so that you work on the upper body first and then the lower body, or vice versa. Another option could be a complete body workout in one go. This way you will have balanced muscle, rather than isolated muscle building.

Proper Diet
The right diet, as we have already discussed, is essential. However, often supplements can be of great help. Bodybuilding supplements, like whey protein, work like a charm. However, anyone desirous of having more muscle weight, needs to eat more. So, I suggest hog down 6 meals in a day.

Liquid Diet
Nutrition is highly imperative. So drink a lot of juices and have a lot of fruits. Keep your diet fresh and cholesterol free, as far as possible. You can have a milkshake and mix some proteins in it, as well. Basically, eat and drink a healthy diet, as much as possible.

Adequate sleep is crucial. So make sure that you get 6 to 8 hours of sleep everyday. In case there is a break once in a while, cover up for the loss of sleep ASAP. Avoid stress at work. Stress produces a chemical called cortisol, that makes your body store fat and burn the much desired muscle.

Follow these 'Super 7' ways for muscle building, as these can really help you to get into the shape that you have always wanted to. They helped Anthony, they will also help you. This is where I sign off! Happy Johny Bravo-ing!!
By Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: 1/13/2012
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