Betrayed with a Kiss

Not a poem but an essay, most should read...
Betrayed with a kiss. Having your best friend betray you hurts, but having the one you love betray you hurts you even more. It hurts to see the look on his face when you discover he cheated on you and ended up betraying you, love makes you vulnerable you end up giving them a piece of your heart. In the end you sit alone in the dark crying wondering can you ever trust again. Would you get hurt again? Will he betray you like he did before? Or will it be worse; it feels like the pain will never go away.

Since the dawn of time man has been betraying another to benefit himself, but in the end the one he loves the most usually ends up getting hurt the most without him evening realizing what he had done. Love is just another excuse to hurt somebody and get away with it, the more you love someone the more you trust the person and it leaves you wide open to betrayal. Why was he unfaithful to you, after you declared you loved him, was that when he went to another he took your love for granted and let it fall away into despair and sorrow as he was with another. Did he tell her your secrets that you told him as he promised to keep them in his heart and he speaks them to her so she feels that she is better than you? Do you see them around town now, and hear the rumors fly and every passing whisper is another sting of betrayal, why did you fall for him. How could he speak those words you whispered to him in passion and use them to hurt you, is he really this cruel and when will this pain stop. How can love be so cruel, why does it always lead to betrayal, sorrow and self hate.

It's highly rare that you will trust the person again after he betrayed you and its natural for you to want revenge and to make him suffer as he made you suffer and make him cry those many tears. Furious as hell afterwards even through I was crying, I still wanted to make him pay, revenge was all I could think of and nothing more would make me happy. But I knew that was not the road to go down, I had to get him another away that would teach him a lesson and maybe to embarrass him as he did to you and make him feel humiliated and heartbroken. But betrayal is a double door always comes back no matter how hard you push the door, it never stays shut nor does it ever close. In your eyes making him pay is the only form of justice, letting nature take its course seems unfair, making you feel better and doing the right thing is completely different and we all know that. Most people think if you never trust a person again you can never get hurt again, but there is always someone who knows how to catch you off guard. Once your guard is down then they strike, hurting you far worse than you imagined, and to make it worse, you're still in love with him.

Betrayal is an emotional knife in the back, it shatters the trust you had for the person. But now after we know his true form, it is time to move on as painful as it seems, we will be okay. Preparing for the next step in life is to understand why you were betrayed and to move on from there, regardless of what others say, revenge is not the path to go because hurting somebody will only end hurting yourself again. We all have emotional wounds that we want to keep hidden from the rest of the world so we can heal; "trust can take years to build, but only a second to break". In time we will heal and eventually find somebody who loves you, but deep in your heart you will have the suspicion that he may betray you, don't push him away because of your fear, embrace it and you will move on. Embracing your betrayal is the only way your heart can heal, and you can finally love another person without having that fear he may be no different from your last. Some say you can never truly move on, once you have been betrayed, but that is only their insecurity and fear speaking. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger and with that strength you have nothing to fear.

Betrayed with a kiss. That's how this all started you fell in love. But in the end he betrayed you and you fought back, not at first but slowly you stood up and moved on. Even with that knife in your heart and back you understood what must be done and without fear you embraced your betrayal and came out a survivor not the victim as you were before. Once this would have killed you but now since you've seen the truth you've seen the light, your path lies before your eyes and only takes a few steps to set it right. Ignoring the voices that suggested you get revenge and make him pay, you took a deep breath and walked on leaving the past behind. In your heart you knew you finally had moved on, and at last peace.
Published: 2/26/2008
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