Birthday Cake

For me... celebrating God's faithfulness in my life.
I knew HE would surprise me this special day,
I expected that remarkable sunshine and its florid ray,
A demise of repulsion and a delivery of attraction,
A day to gladly bolt starvation and unbolt satisfaction.

Then I, all of a sudden, received this spectacular cake,
Which no baker or chef can ever bake...

A flour of magnetism to thicken its batter,
Providing an ormenting gluten without water,
Leavened with HIS utmost power,
And it rose to the peak at that exceptional hour.

He broke the gluten with HIS sweetening promises,
Enacting a tender texture as adornments in palaces,
It's moist nature camps HIS delegated purgation,
Enriched by HIS mercy, love, and kindly affection.

See ehn...
At the point I got enchanted by its aura...
I noticed it, read "for Flora",
How I would have loved you all to have a taste,
But, as you can see, it's just for me, meant to be chaste.
Published: 6/29/2015
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