Bitter Laughter

Why do they kill???????????????????
Lost was the glow on her face.
Gone was the spark in her eyes.
Her exterior put up a brave front.
Filled was her interior with fear’s mount.
Words were falling short for condolence.
Talks in hushed tones aggravated the silence!
She tried very hard to maintain her composure.
Totally unexpected was this sudden seizure.
To control her tears, she bit her lips to bleed.
To whatever heard and said she tried not to pay any heed.
Why did most trusted destiny betray her?
While making her home and life barren, did it not fear?
Fate had this in store for her, she didn’t know.
She considered herself the happiest till minutes ago.
A screeching sound was heard at the gate.
Her children and husband were brought in, late.
Shocked and stunned she kept staring.
It looked as though she stopped breathing.
They left the home with life brimming.
Little did they know what was coming?
Yet another family became a victim of bomb blast.
Within seconds, everything of hers was lost.
Why did they kill my innocent family was her tears stained question?
Heard was the bitter laughter of orphaned families and orphans.
Published: 9/8/2008
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