Bitter Sweet

This is about understanding how to love despite the pain.
With a unselfish heart I gave my all,
With unknown understanding I stood tall
When the sky rained downed pain,
When the ground around me turned into quicksand.

My faith in you didn't
Let me get pulled down,
As my character was being tested
You never allowed me to respond.

With words of hate or no,
You increased the love dose
Which allowed my eyes to see
Just who was controlling those,
Who had come against me.

When I felt, my soul was lost,
You showed me that the whole time,
I had been found but was too blind to see,
As family and so called friends,
Turned their back on.

Your steady fast love never let the pain,
Cause me to go a stray,
It is because of your hand alone,
That I have grew into a tree,
Whose fruits are not bittersweet.
Published: 8/5/2011
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