Black Braid Hairstyles

Braided hairstyles are one of the most popular Black hairstyles. Here's some information on some of the most popular black braid hairstyles that will help you spice up your look.
When you talk about African-American fashion, you cannot ignore the braided styles. Black men and women have always been known for setting fashion trends by donning funky braids. For those who want a low-maintenance haircut, black braid hairstyles are just perfect. Fashion evolves with time, and every now and then, you find fashionistas revealing the latest trends and the styles that are no longer considered cool, but if you are currently sporting the braided look, you don't have to worry. Let me assure you, black braided hairstyles are very much in vogue and will remain so forever.

Different Types of Braided Hairstyles
There are so many types of African-American hair braiding styles. You can try cornrows, twists, individual braids, fish braids, invisible braids, French braids, basket braids, micro braids, mini braids, goddess braids and dreadlocks. Well, this is not all, you just need to go to a beauty salon or look into hairstyle galleries available on the Internet, you will find the latest black braid hairstyles. These styles will be a great choice if you have trouble managing your tresses. Though braiding your hair might take time, once it is done, you wouldn't have to worry for weeks.

Hairdos for Women
You can experiment a lot when it comes to black braided hairstyles. Braids can be worn by women of all age groups. If you wish to make a fashion statement, you could go for complex designs. If you find the simple braids boring, cornrow designs are perfect for you. There is a lot of scope as far as styling is concerned. You can have cornrows with zigzag part. Micro braids is another popular and interesting braid hairstyle. As the name suggests, micro braids are smaller and thinner than the normal braids. To make micro braids, fine strands of hair are braided along with the hair braiding weave. This is a complex hairstyle and it would be better to get this kind of black braid hairstyle done by a hair stylist. You can also get your hair styled in French braids. French braids are a great choice for formal occasions. You can style your tresses in invisible braids. You can tie them in ponytails, low buns, casual updos or half updos. If you have straight hair, side French braid, basic thick braids or crown braid will also look good. You can also jazz up your hairdo by using colorful beads and cute hairbands.

Hairdos for Men
A variety of hair braiding techniques are used to create stylish braid hairdos for black men. You can see men sporting cornrows. This hairdo seems to be a hit with most youngsters. For this hairstyle, your hair should be at least 10 cm long. Cornrows are braids that lie flat on the scalp and form patterns. This hairstyle can be worn for weeks. Make sure that you select a design that suits your face structure. Many celebrities have donned funky cornrows. As far as designs are concerned, you could sport simple patterns or go for zigzag lines or intricate geometric patterns. Besides styling your hair in cornrows, you could also go for box braids or individual braids. Those who have long hair can get all their hair braided into invisible braids and tie them into a ponytail. Men can also use accessories to spice up their look.

These were some ways of styling your hair in braided hairdos. If you haven't tried the braided look yet, style your tresses in a funky braided hairdo and make heads turn!
By Smita Pandit
Published: 6/10/2010
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