African-American Cartoons

Have a laugh riot reading the hilarious black cartoons on this page.
(th)ink: Privilege
Membership has its privileges.
the K Chronicles: Racial Illiteracy
Keef's new slideshow, available for booking.
the K Chronicles: Colin Kaepernick
Some things are greater than football.
the K Chronicles: Black History Museum
Keef finally makes a visit!
(th)ink: Barr
Blame Ambien!
the K Chronicles: Roseanne!
With apologies to the Police!
(th)ink: G.W.B.
GWB isn't just a bad president anymore.
the K Chronicles: Grandma's House
Once, the safest place to go.
(th)ink: Trolls 'R' Jonesing
Twitter's lowest life form.
(th)ink: Longer
The myth is true!
(th)ink: Dick Gregory
The passing of a legend.
(th)ink: Twice!
More socio-political insight from Keef.
(th)ink: Prom Date
The 5 stages of white dad grief.
the K Chronicles: New House!!
Keef is now part of the landed gentry!
the K Chronicles: The Kwanzaa Chronicles
Keef dishes on the holiday...
(th)ink: Spike Lee
Did the right thing.
(th)ink: That's So Raven
Impaired view...
the K Chronicles: Toya Graham
The Baltimore Hero Mom!
(th)ink: Police Improv
Making it up as they go along.
(th)ink: Sign of Progress?
The NFL is the best thing to happen to the Ferguson Police Dept.
the K Chronicles: They Shoot Black People, Don't They?
A new slideshow presentation by Keith Knight.
(th)ink: New Mike Brown Info
It's true if the cops say it!
the K Chronicles: "Behold! Patreon!!"
Keef on the ancient act of art patronage.
(th)ink: Race Card
Everything was going well till you brought it up...
the K Chronicles: Donald Sterling's Worst Nightmare...
...besides Black People coming to his games.
the K Chronicles: D. Glover
Keef I.D.s who should play him on TV.
the K Chronicles: The N-Word
Keef examines that one thing that people cannot seem to get over.
(th)ink: James Baldwin
Happy Birthday!
More inventions black folks don’t get enough credit for…
(th)ink: "..."
Not again.
(th)ink: "Kickin' A---!!"
Celebrating the first U.S. Open winner.
(th)ink: "Loving Couple"
A pioneer has passed.
(th)ink: "Little Known Black History Fact #112"
Another obscure Black History fact!
(th)ink: "Bad 4 U"
Definitely not good for U.S...
(th)ink: "Flags of Whose Fathers?"
Commentary on the new Clint Eastwood film..
(th)ink: "What's up, Doc?"
Silence can be deadly...
(th)ink: "Bill Lester"
First time in TWO decades!!
(th)ink: "And the Nominee's Are.."
Something's missing in Hollywood..
(th)ink: "Jury Pools"
C'mon in!! The water's fine!!
(th)ink: "A Cruel Joke.." play on a black jogger...
(th)ink: "Time to Get Schooled.."
Why should the U.S. stop at Black History Month when there's so many more subjects?
(th)ink: "Black and Blue"
You can serve, but you can't hide...
the K Chronicles: "Time to Eat (Jim) Crow!!"
Keef recalls a recent trip through Cleveland...
the K Chronicles: "Anti-White since 1992!!"
One Day at Ye Olde Comic-Con...
(th)ink: "Burn, Baby, Burn!!"
Commentary on a new product recently released...
the K Chronicles: "Bidil Me This, Blackman"
Keef suspiciously looks at the new drug made especially for African-Americans..
(th)ink: "Progress?"
Commentary on the Jennifer Wilbanks scandal...
(th)ink: "Diary of a Happy Black Man"
A big surprise at the box office...
(th)ink: "Black History in the Making"
Keep an eye out for this "Young"-ster...
(th)ink: "Black Woman's Burden"
Bad news for African-American women...
(th)ink: "Black Coffee"
The rise of Black-owned cafes..
(th)ink: "Black Sleep"
Results from a recent study...
the K Chronicles: "Black Eye for the White Guy"
Keef goes ga-ga over the new cable t.v sensation...
the K Chronicles: "Black People for Rent"
Keef waxes nostalgic o'er a prank he pulled during the dot-com era..