Black Eye Treatment

Effective black eye treatments help reduce swelling and discoloration. Black eyes are purplish-black discolorations around the eye region and are often painful. Using an appropriate treatment for black eye enhances the healing process.
The name 'black eye', often causes us to think that it is caused by an injury to the eye. However, this is not so. Black eyes are common effects of injuries occurring on the face or head. Any injury to the face or head causes blood and other body fluids to pool in the space around the eyes. This results in swelling and dark discolorations around the eye region. Thus, black eyes are not caused due to injury to the eye, but are consequences of head or face injury. Most black eye injuries heal on their own within the next few days, however, considering some treatments will ensure their healing. Effective treatment ranges from cold compress to fruit paste applications. Let's have a look at them.

How to Get Rid of Black Eye

Popcorn or Peas Pack
Placing a bag of frozen, un-popped popcorn seeds over a wash cloth on the black eye will help alleviate pain. It will also bring about a soothing effect. Instead of popcorn seeds, you could also use a bag of frozen peas on the black eye.

Cold Soda Can
Hold a cold soda can against the cheek on and off. Do this every 10 minutes, with intervals of 5 minutes between them. Do not hold the can against the eye, but limit placing the can against the cheek only, as placing the can on the eye results in pressure exertion on the eyeball.

Ice Pack
A cold compress has two functions: one is that it reduces inflammation and swelling and the other is that it constricts blood vessels, thereby decreasing internal bleeding. Internal bleeding is what causes the purplish-blue color, thus, by applying a cold compress one can decrease the swelling and internal bleeding. You could use a commercial ice pack or take some ice cubes in a wash cloth and place it on the black eye. Apply this ice pack every 20 minutes in an hour, however, refrain from placing it for over 20 minutes. Carry out this ice pack treatment for the next 24 hours.

Even simple things like blinking requires all the muscles around the eyes to move. Constant utilization of eye muscles only causes more strain on the eye muscles. Thus, it is important to give ample amounts of rest to the eye muscles. The best thing to do is get a good 8 hour sleep after injuring yourself.

Fruit Remedies
To alleviate the pain, one can apply a paste of papaya and pineapple onto the black eye. The enzymes in the fruit will reduce swelling and will also enhance the healing process. To reduce the discoloration, one can apply fresh potato or cucumber juice to the eye.

Medical Treatment for a Black Eye
If you find blood within the eye or encounter vision problems, severe pain, etc. then you need to consult the doctor immediately. For such complicated black eyes, the doctor may ask you to consult a neurosurgeon to check injury to the skull or brain. He may also ask you to consult an ophthalmologist or otorhinolaryngologist depending on the condition of your black eye.

Irrespective of which treatment you choose to get rid of a black eye, do not go with the myth that placing raw meat on the black eye will help the eye heal faster. However, meat will only conduce to infections. People with black eyes should not blow their nose, because this can increase inflammation and infection. Moreover, avoid putting any kind of pressure on the eyeball. Eyes are delicate and need to be handled gently. One needs patience while dealing with this problem. Patiently wait for the discoloration to fade away.
By Priya Johnson
Last Updated: 10/10/2011
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