Black Veil Brides Fan Fiction! - Chapter One

Just a fan fiction about if I were in Andy Biersack's school when he was in high school.
I walked through the new school corridor. I went into the principal's office first.

"Hello. Are you supposed to be here?" She asked, looking up from her stack of papers.
"Yeah I need my schedule."
"Oh okay. What's your name?"
"Alice Wolfehunt."
"Ah, here it is."
She handed me my paper.
"Good luck finding your way around," she said as I walked out.
"Thanks," I mumbled. I was walking down the hall staring at my schedule when all of a sudden my head hits someone's chest.

"Oops! Sorry!"
"That's okay." A deep yet harmonious voice replied. I looked up. A boy with long black hair stared back at me. His eyes were a beautiful blue color.

I giggled a bit, then slapped my hand over my mouth. 'Did I seriously just giggle?!' I thought, mentally slapping myself across the face.

He smiled at me. His teeth were so white, it almost blinded my eyes. And that lip ring. It made his lips look that much more kissable. I couldn't help it when I drooled a little bit. I quickly wiped the drool away with my sleeve and giggled again. 'Come on, retard, talk!' I yelled at myself in thought form.

"Can you tell me where algebra 1 is? Room-" I looked at my schedule, "-207?"
"Yeah. I'm going there next. Follow me." He smiled.
I grinned, "Okay!"

I followed him down the hall until we got to the algebra room.


Sorry, this chapter is short because I'm tired and yeah.
Should I continue this story?
Published: 1/2/2013
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