Blessed by Love

Oh crazy love!
This thing called love is seriously crazy,
It somehow makes the world seem hazy.

It's like you're always in this trance,
Where you don't wanna miss a single chance.

Of holding that sweet, loving hand,
Be it in a movie theater or in warm sand.

You try to read or you go to some place,
The only thing in front of your eyes is that damn cute face.

At times, you feel those butterflies,
And you suddenly start flying in the skies.

Damn those accidental touches!
Every time with which your adrenaline rushes.

You never forget the first time you met...
That never-ending ride for which your heart was all set.

You are like that little lovebird,
Happy in its sweet, small world.

Whenever you are low and feel like you're left with no choice,
The only thing that calms you down is the magic in that voice.

They are angels who were sent to you straight from above,
And that's when you realized you were blessed by love.
By Prajakta Patil
Published: 4/27/2012
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