Blind Faith

The lost and illusory path that torments a broken heart.
Dark, dreary corridors, filled with shadows,
An intricate labyrinth of twists and turns,
Where blind faith leads, I shall follow,
To flicker where'er the candle burns.

Black as pitch, the night enshrouds me,
Pulling me back into sorrow's domain,
Ne'er can I escape the darkness that stalks me,
Nor rekindle the ember of love's flame.

The Phoenix shall never rise from the ashes,
The hope of blind faith is puny at best,
My hand holds the doubt of the withered roses,
Whilst my heart knows the prose of a love laid to rest.

Cold is the wind that rends through my soul,
Bitter is the toxin that bleeds through my tears,
My spirit is cowering, orphaned and alone,
Solitude is a pain that attacks every nerve.

You are the unconquered enigma of the labyrinth,
Every little thought leads me back into you,
I cannot forget, nor forgive your existence,
Nor shall the ignorance of blind faith pull me through.
Published: 6/11/2012
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