Blocking Cell Phone Numbers

Pestering phone calls are really troublesome and especially, if you receive them quite often. I have explained the method of blocking cell phone numbers, in the article below, so that you can get rid of this problem.
Today, cell phones have become an integral part of our lives. In the developed countries, you will hardly find someone who does not have a mobile phone. Well, this is because, cell phones are easy to use, portable and offer you a lot of facilities, other than making and receiving calls. Therefore, we can say that, cell phone technology has revolutionized the field of communication.

Mobile or cell phones, have made it possible for us to talk to our beloved ones and also our business associates, sitting at a far off place! On one side, making and receiving calls from anywhere in this world, is an advantage, on the other hand, it is a disadvantage! How? Many people, mischievously, unknowingly or purposely make blank calls or harassing calls to anyone. It is not only irritating and troublesome but also affects the person's privacy. The best way to get rid of these frequent and disturbing calls is to block those cell phone numbers. People have tried out a lot of methods in this regards. Some of them have worked, while some haven't! But, in the below text, we will discuss how to block a cell phone number...

Blocking Cell Phone Numbers From Calling

This is a quite an easy task. The procedure of blocking incoming cell phone numbers from calling permanently, is given below.
  • Blocking a number is just a phone call away. You need to call the customer care of your cell phone company and then inquire, whether a cell phone number blocking service is available with them. Call screen is a service, which is used to block unknown cell phone numbers. Or else you can also inquire for the ACR (Anonymous Call Rejection) service, from your cell phone company.
  • If such services are provided by them, then you need to confirm, whether the service is confined to the local phone numbers or is also useful for numbers out of the local area.
  • The customer care representative would ask you some basic questions and match your details, with their database. Once, this is done, they will block the number you have requested.
  • You can also install an inbound call blocker in your phone. This would disable all the incoming calls to your cell phone. Except the ones, to whom you have given the code, which enables them to make a call on your cell phone. Therefore, people who do not have your code, cannot call you.
Blocking Cell Phone Number Caller ID

Sometimes, you might not wish to reveal your identity or cell phone number to people, whom you are calling. But, how to do it? The most effective way is line blocking. For this, you need to call the customer care of your cell phone company and then speak with them, about availing this facility. The representative would confirm your details and then do the needful for you. Now, whenever you will call on that specific number, your number would not be displayed on the receiving party's cell phone. If you want the person to know your identity, you need to dial *82, prior to calling on that cell phone number.

Cell phones are just a device, that enable communication through the use of latest technology. It is up to us to use them for good or bad purpose. Blocking phone numbers should be done for genuine and for safety reasons only. One must be responsible enough to not to use this service for committing fraud or troubling other people. Even if one does such things, the cell phone and the number can be traced out easily and this could land him in a fix. I am sure, you won't get into such matters and you would block cell phone number for your privacy and good reasons only!
By Ujwal Deshmukh
Published: 1/9/2010
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