Blond At Work

Should a blond be given a job or not? Give your opinion after reading the passageā€¦
A blond applied for a job and miraculously got one as a typist.

On the first day, she worked on the computer for almost 15 hours, saved tea and bathroom breaks.

The employer was happy watching her work so hard on the first day but was also a bit confused to see the pile of files being the same and not reduced at all.

He goes to her and asks for the reason for working so hard yet no work being finished.

She innocently replies, "The person who worked here first messed the keyboard as the keys are not in order. I am arranging them alphabetically"
Did you like it? If not why..
Have heard it before
Too lengthy
Language was not up to thestandard
You are a blond!
Mistake in forming paragraphs
Too short
Published: 3/9/2007
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