Blood Ritual - The Beginning

The beginning of a romance and fantasy.
The cold, lonely moonlight shines on my pale skin. I shiver uncontrollably as I run with my head down, from the horrible yet magnificent being chasing me. How did I get into this mess?! I wonder, all the while running faster to escape the fate behind me. Blood. Blood is all over my fancy clothes that he dressed me up with. I look up. He’s right in front of me, his handsome face, his penetrating blue eyes, and his ever seductive mouth. His perfection, my hell.

"Why do you run from me Clara? My heart is breaking." Sadness envelopes him and I feel my heart drawn towards him. STOP! I scream at myself. I know better, I can’t succumb to his spell. He reaches to touch my face, a gesture I know so well and love so much, my head fills with fond memories of him, but I snap away from him. Tears stream from my eyes and rolls down my face.

"Please. Let me go. I have to go home. I can’t be with you." I plead, hoping he would relent, that there’s still mercy in the dead heart of his.
"But I love you Clara. Don’t you understand? We have to be together! You. Me. For eternity. "A look of bliss crosses his pale face.
"We don’t belong together! I have to go back to my family! I…" I search for more reasons. Finding none, I resort to a lie that I hoped to never use, "I…I don’t love you. Leave me alone."

Pain flickers across his face. He stands frozen. Eternity seemed to pass while we stood there, face to face.
"Goodbye, Gabriel." I forced myself to move away from the love of my life, the man I can’t be with, the man I am forbidden to love…
I start running.
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Published: 3/7/2011
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