Blood Slave: Bittersweet (Chapter 20)

Patrick and Rose reunite!
When a plan like this one is going so well, you do not really expect the unexpected. I suppose you should, so that you have time to counter, but I did not. I was in the middle of one of my talks with John when Lord Smith stepped into my room. John and I were both startled.

"I have someone I would like you to meet, Rose." Lord Smith declared. I quickly stood and walked away from John, who gave a nasty look at the Lord. He led me out into the hall. "This is Mr. Alexander Whittaker. He is going to be your guard." He told me, gesturing to the man that stood before me. I looked up at this new face. Most of his face was swallowed by a huge beard, but something caught my eye; his shining green irises. No matter how cloaked he thought he was, I could not mistake this man for who he was not. I held my tongue away from my excitement. "It is very nice to meet you." I said. "It is a pleasure to meet you as well, my lady." He winked. I gave a quick smile.

"Mr. Whittaker will be with you at all times." Lord Smith said. "Alright." I replied nearly breathless. "Well, I must be off. Tell John to meet me in my office." He hissed. I could see the envy in him. "Yes dear." I giggled. Mr. Whittaker and I walked back into my room and I relaid Lord Smith's message to John, who rushed out looking panicked. As soon as we were alone, I tugged the fluffy beard away reveling my love! Patrick was as handsome as ever, as he beamed down at me. "Patrick..." I began to cry, but was cut off by a kiss. The sweetest kiss I had ever felt. He locked me in his arms and spun me around. "It feels as if we have been apart for decades; I missed so." He whispered. "I love you, Patrick. I really do." I whimpered. "I know. I love you too." He replied as he set me down. He kissed my head and led me to the settee.

"Rose, I have come to take you away. When David returned and told me of your plan I was crushed, but I respected your wishes. All of Armond's men and David ran north of the kingdom as your request. I refused to go. I told David I would stay behind and keep an eye on you. I was going to join you once you sprang free, but I could not wait any longer. It has been four months." He told me. "You said Armond's gang and Daivd went north, what about Sarah and Cassius?" I asked. "Who are Sarah and Cassius?" He frowned. "They are blood slaves I rescued from the palace." I explained. He made a strange face, sort of thoughtful. "Did you say the palace?" I nodded. "You saved a girl named Sarah?" He continued. "Yes. Well no. First I thought her name was Mary, but when she saw Armond she said her name was Sarah." I told him. He became excited. "Rose what did she look like!?" He exclaimed. "Umm ... well, she was tall and pale, about my age. She had dark hair and sort of pale green eyes." I stumbled out.

"Rose, Sarah is my little sister!" He yelled enlivened. "Sarah is your sister!?" I gasped. "Yes. I told you we were attacked. The vampires who attacked us were palace vampires! They kidnapped her, I thought she was dead." Patrick looked so happy he could have burst. "You did not tell me they kidnapped her. Patrick there is much we must discuss."

He and I sat in the den for hours, explaining what had happened to each of us while we were apart. He told me that after Lord Smith stabbed him, he was stuck on the forest floor for hours. The sword had punctured his lung; a major organ takes much longer to heal than a flesh wound. As soon as he could, he crawled back to the cottage. David came by days later and Patrick informed him of what had happened. Patrick could not heal his lung without blood, and so, David then informed Armond of the ordeal, so that he could fetch the blood. Patrick demanded they find me. The entire time I was lost he was bedridden until the day I ran from the palace.

I told him about what Lord Smith had done to me. I told him about the palace, the Queen, and her slave. "Do you think you are with child?" He asked suddenly. I had not thought about that since leaving the palace. "I am not sure." I grimaced. He kissed my cheek. "We will find out after we leave the kingdom. We must not dwell on such things at the moment." He grinned. I heard a door and Rosary entered. I had forgotten to tell Patrick about Rosary. "Patrick, there is something you must know." I said to him, as Rosary jumped into my lap. "Yes?" He implored. "Sarah and Armond had a daughter. This is your niece, Rosary." Patrick gasped. "Why did Armond not tell me?!" He yelled. "He just found out himself." I hissed. Rosary looked up at us both. Patrick peered down at her in wonder. "She is beautiful." He whispered. She grinned up at him. "Hello Rosary." He smiled.

Everything seemed to be falling into place. I met Patrick who is the brother of Sarah, who is the mother of Rosary, who is the daughter of Armond, who is the life-long friend of David. I brought them all back together. In a larger scale we would soon form a very happy family. I would take Scarlet as my daughter and Patrick would be my husband, thus, joining the family.

I was overjoyed to have Patrick back in my life. I felt as if everything was going to be alright now. Of course, I was wrong. Patrick's return had put a damper on my plans. Every night when John came to my room for a "chat" Patrick was outside my door as Mr. Whittaker. Mr. Whittaker could hear every word John and I spoke. When I scampered off to tickle Lord Smith's fancy, Mr. Whittaker was in toe. Everywhere I went he followed. It was of course his job, but seeing as he was the man, I loved it was hard to play my games. It made me sick to think of him listening to me giggle and moan behind closed doors. One night he asked me, "Rose, when are you going to stop messing around and leave this place?" I frowned. I knew what I was doing. I was not messing around. I knew the outcome of my plan, but I had not told him. "We will leave soon, I promise. Just give me a few more weeks." I said. "Rose, I have been here two months." He exclaimed. "I know. But please give me time. I want everything to be foolproof." I told him. There was one thing I had to do first. I had to get Lord Smith to host a ball.
Published: 11/13/2013
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