Blood Soaked Chronicles - 1: First Blood

It was September 17, the day after my birthday; the year has now become a blur. Many don't know the cause of the infection, but I do; Hell I helped the infection. It was during my first week at my job at Trans, a transit company dealing with the unusual. We were unloading a truck's shipment that had come from some far country in Africa. I don't know what it was, but the drum it was marked radioactive. One started to leak, and an unbearable stench drained from it. Slowly I started to feel nauseated. Within this time I had passed out, and been carried to the on job doctors somehow. I woke up to the sound of screaming. It was coming somewhere from down in the loading dock.

As I looked through the window I saw someone attacking one of the crew. Quickly I ran down the steps trying to overcome the nauseating feeling. As I got close enough to the brawl to see what was happening, I saw something I wish I didn't; the image was forever etched into my mind. It was bob getting attacked by Michal, but something was wrong with Michal. His skin was pal, and his hair was starting to fall out, but worse of all with his teeth. They were jagged, and covered in blood. Finally Michal had overcome bob, and ripped through bob flesh with one bite from his razor teeth. Blood seeped at first, but had slowly fastened to a gush. Blood had covered them, and now they were soaking in a small puddle.

Everyone around them was immobilized with fear. Finally I heard one last ear wrenching scream, and Michal got up from bobs lifeless body, and slowly walked towards the other one. Now Michal looked even deader, his skin was decayed, and his face and chest was covered with blood. His eyes were as white, and vacant as a forgotten village covered in snow. Now everybody started to run, and slowly Michal ran after. Fear started to peck at my heart, and soul. Bob lifeless body started to move, twitching. At first I thought he was alive, but when I saw him get up I got a look at him. His teeth grew rough, and jagged. His hair started to fall out, and his grew pale, and gray. Then his eyes turned white. Hiding up in the doctor's office kept me alive, because within a matter everyone in the plant became one of the monsters. Within days the town grew victim to the monstrosities. The world slowly became victim to the zombie apocalypses.

After days of surviving on my own I ran to a bunch of others survivors. We called ourselves the resistance fighters, and spent most days find supplies, and survivors. Though we may find a good supply of rations, and ammo; we rarely ever find survivors. Sitting here in what could be my last hours, but every minute could be your last these days. I decide to sit down here, and write the story of my life as a resistance fighter against the undead.

It has been several days since the infection started. I have been in the doctor's office inside of the facility ever since the start. Deciding that it has been long enough I started to scavenge. Everything looked normal, but the only normality was the blood stains, and the scent of decay through the air. Blood was everywhere, footsteps, hand smears, and the puddle of blood, the result of bob, and Michal fight, was starting to dry. Getting into the transit truck I tried to crank it up, but it wouldn't start. Slowly I started to go through the packages, to find supplies; the people wouldn't need it as I much as I do now. I hope. After going through the boxes all I find that was a use to me was a: backpack, saw blade, nails, a bat, and a large container of water, and baked goods. I couldn't shake the feeling of someone watching me.

After putting the supplies into my backpack, I put on my back, took the bat. As I walked out of the truck I was ambushed by one of them creatures. Getting me by surprise it knocked me to the ground, but I forced the creature of me, and got back up to my feet. It came at me again, but this time I swung the bat. I landed a blow between the shoulder, and the neck. Skin and blood flew through the air. Slowly it got to its knee, and then it stood up again. It came at me again. What did I have to do to kill this thing? This time I whacked it up time the head, and continually started to beat it. All that was left was a bloody pulp. It was surrounded in blood. Slowly I started to walk away, but then I heard a terrible sound coming from behind. As I looked over my shoulder I saw the creature slowly start to rise. Now it was covered in blood, a large amount of skin was missing. Slowly more and more started to show up. I was surrounding in under seconds. I thought it was over. I thought I was going to die.

To my surprise I was rescued. The sound of gun fire filled the air the bullets flew through the air hitting the creatures in the head; blood flew through the air on impact of the bullet; as the blood hit the ground it splatter like some kind of interruptive painting. Rushing through the crowd came two people dressed in black, and they were hacking through the zombies. Blood was covering everything including me. One of the guys grabbed my arm, and started pulling me away; I didn't refuse, I ran with him. The ones behind were now following and occasionally popping a zombie in the head. Zombies were everywhere, but these guys were clearing them out fast. Off shortly in the distance I saw a van. It looked as if it was armored down; as I got closer I saw it was. On the front, and sides there was identical spikes prodding out, each was covered in blood. As we loaded the bus not one person spoke. Then finally we started to drive away. We were smashing through zombies almost every second of the way. Then finally one spoke, clearly he said in a deep voice "welcome to the force."
Published: 6/28/2011
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