Blood Soaked Chronicles: Alarming Death

Our protagonist learns the true meaning of living in a zombie apocalypse.
The sun had just set over the sky; the moon appeared to be red in the blood stained window. Then suddenly the van stopped, staring through the windshield, I saw what had to be the resistance. It looked as if in its past life it was as a theater of some sort. Opening the doors they lead me off the bus. As we walked nobody talked, the only noises were very short grunts. We walked up the gate. It was a large iron door, edged with barbwire, and sharp spears along the top, and middle of it.

Looking I watched as a shadow moved across the bird nest. Within in seconds of seeing this, the gate slowly creaked to life. As we walked through the barricade several eyes peered upon us. As we walked I thought, even in this place life seems vast, and dead. The people here look to be only a mere portrait of themselves. Their eyes filled with fear, and sadness. Heck you couldn't blame them though, after everything the world's been through; it's a miracle they aren't dead, or pop a bullet through their own brain. "Can some of you tell me where we're going." I said as I looked around at everything.

Then one answered "We're going to meet the boss." He said sounding valiantly then he spoke again." Two things you need to know. Don't talk, unless talked to, and don't ask about the scar." "Okay." I said," hey you mind telling me your names." Then the women to the far left of me said "Not until we find out how it goes. We want to know whether well be covering you a bed, or covering you." She said sounding as serious as death.

This worried me a lot, would he kill me if he didn't like me. I didn't want to know, I turned my attention to my surroundings. This is when I noticed we were in front of a slightly large building. The man who had told me about the boss opened the door. Putting a hand on me he pushed me forward. He stayed behind with me, and the others left. Whoever was in the chair had the back turned towards the door. "Boss me, and alpha team has found another survivor. We find him in a transit warehouse up east little ways. He says he worked there, and that he witnessed the start of the infection.

I watched as the chair slightly moved, and the person in the chair moved; as she moved I saw long hair at least telling she was a hair. Then I heard her speak. Her voice sounded interested, and highly familiar. "You have done good falcon, you may now head on back." Silently he walked away appearing to have a spring I his step. "So tell me your name," she said. Quickly I responded "My name is David Andrews." Then I saw her turn around. Revealing the happy, crying face I loved. Getting up from her chair she ran towards me; gladly I accepted my sister's gratitude, and took her into my arms.

The sun slowly disappeared into the horizon. As my sister and I walked through the small shelter while she told me the story of it all. She had stated that when the apocalypse had started everybody had thought of it to be a normal day. Then when everybody started to die rapidly people started to panic. Within the first day thousand maybe more took to being victims of the outbreak. Like her many survived, and created barricades to protect them. We thought we could slowly contain kill a couple of them every day, but as we arose on the second day we found what happens the bitten one's. They became infected, and became similar to the other creatures. Then we knew there was no hope to contain the virus.

For several days we stayed confined in the barricade knowing nothing of the outside world. Thinking maybe the creatures died or something, but they didn't. All along they were growing, becoming stronger, and smarter. They found a way into our barricade, and took us by surprise. Only a couple of survived, and the rest were slaughter, and transformed almost instantly; it was if the virus grew stronger as the creatures did. Me, and a few survivors escape, and created the barricade hear, which we call the resistance. Each day we trained get stronger, and stronger. After a while we left the barricade daily and scavenged supplies, and searched for survivors. So slowly and slowly the population of the resistances grew larger. Each and every day it prospered.

Each day been the same search, and scavenge; here we are now. Finally we stopped in front a pretty large building. The large wooden door creaked, and moaned as it solely opened. Inside was three small columns of tables and above each hung several lanterns; it gave the room a lovely glow. As we walked in the crowd of people stood, and cheered. We sat down, and dinner commenced. Beans, chicken, carrots, and Twinkies were piled on the dinner table. Laughter filled the room the whole time, though it may have been my first day I felt as if I were there from the beginning.

Finishing dinner, we threw away the trash, and collected the uneaten food, and saved it. Most fled the hall, and went to their quarters, but I followed my sister to a small building that was completely black, even the windows were painted black. Inside were armored outfits loaded down to the core. Guns of many sort, grenades, knives, bats, and other things we could use for killing the creatures. "Well mare to let you know my names Joey." Then pointing to the girl who help save me he said "She rose, and you already know falcon, and the boss." Nodding, "I said good to finally know your names," and then I thanked them for saving me. "So Mate who would you like to become part of the resistance." Joey asked with hope in his voice then I replied "What do you mean." Then my sister Joy spoke up." How would you like to help everyday scavenge for supplies, and kill these deathly creatures." Shocked with surprise of them asking me this I agreed.

Everybody in the room cheered with glee. Smiles were cast on every face including mine. Coming from the back came in Joey carrying a bottle of something. He started to pour drinks, and was laughing the whole time. Then the smiles were wiped away, and frowns were placed. Aloud wrenching alarm filled the air; I started to panic wondering what this meant. In a rich Cajun accent spoke rose "Hurry grab a weapon, and protect the barricade." Her voice was filled with a stern tone. Putting a handgun, and knife in my hand she told me it was timed to fight. Scared I followed them in the dark depth of death.

Screams filled the air, and bloody corpses littered the ground. Hundreds of the creatures were running around. Rose, falcon, Joy, and Joey were killing them left and right; and I just stood there. One of them took noticed of me, and came dashing towards still I panicked and I was immobilized in place. I could see my reflection in his cold undead eyes. When I thought I was I wasn't. Blood splattered across my face, and chest. The creature flew in front of me. "Hell, Mate kill these dastardly bastards, and don't sit there and lay an egg, I don't want to have, and rescue your black decay bit ass." Joey said looking furious.

He did scare me, and I didn't want to die so I started to kill the creatures, at first I couldn't hit a door between a door, but soon my accuracy improved, I continued to run dropping them as I went . Two came rushing towards, and I went to shoot, but the gun clicked empty. Panicking I threw the gun at them, but it didn't faze them. Then I remember the hunting knife Joy gave me. Taking from the sheath on my belt I swung the knife. Both fell to their, but soon good backing. This time I stuck it in their heads. Blood coated me, the ground, and their dead bodies. More, and more I killed until I loss count of time, and the souls that were lost.

For hours we fought, right until the sun came upon the horizon, and partly in the midday. Finally we were able to fight back the creatures, and close the barrier. What I saw afterwards made me almost cry, and breakdown. Aside from the creature corpses, they were the bodies from the survivors who hadn't made. Each person face was bloody, sad, and vacant in a way. We knew what had to be done, no one but us five. We built a large bonfire in the center of the massacre, and collected all the corpses; one by one we threw the corpses in the fire paying our respects.

Coming to the end of the day, and end of the pile they started to reanimated. Thrashing and biting they tried to break through the body wrap, but none did, and as we threw them into the fire they screamed. After burning the bodies we immediately left. Along the way we watched as smoke rose from the barricades. More and more creatures started to travel towards the smoke seeing what they could find to eat. Where every we were heading I didn't care I knew it would be the same. Since the apocalypse it come to surpass no matter, the day, time, or circumstances it a would be a harsh bloody world. It would just be another day for a resistance fighter traveling down the bloody road. Adding pages to the book of the blood soaked chronicles.

To be continued...
Published: 8/10/2011
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