Blue Paint Colors

One of the most popular paint colors for interiors is blue paint. A coat of blue paint colors can transform any room.
The best and most economical way to give any room a makeover is to paint it. Painting a room in a different color gives it an instant face lift. You can choose from various popular paint colors to paint your home, but one of the most elegant color is blue. Blue is a calming and soothing color and it gives a room sophistication as well as class. Blue paint colors are available in a variety of hues and shades. You can choose one according to your taste and the kind of ambiance you want in the room. Blue is a cool color and as such it is an ideal shade to choose for bedrooms and nursery. As there are various shades of blue paint, choosing one is quite a difficult task.

Blue Paint for Bedrooms

Choosing the ideal blue paint color for the bedroom is very important as the wrong shade can make the bedroom look dark and gloomy. The shade of blue that you choose in the bedroom should be determined by the amount of natural light the room receives. If the room is small and dark, then you need a lighter shade of blue paint colors to give the room a sense of openness and space. One of the best blue paint color for bedroom is the shade of clear sky blue. This pale shade of blue works well in a small bedroom by giving it a sense of openness and it is also a calming color. Sky blue gives the ambiance of airiness and space to a room that is difficult to get in any other shade.

Instead of painting a small bedroom in only a single shade of blue, try pairing it with two to three different shades of blue. This type of wall color combinations gives the room more interest and makes an otherwise boring room look spectacular. I would suggest that you paint one of the walls in the color "Aqua Chiffon" to give the room a bit of color and punch. Painting a room in a light shade like clear sky blue, makes a room look very one dimensional. So you can brighten it up by painting one of the walls or ceiling in the blue paint color shade of aqua chiffon. This relaxing hue is neither too dark and nor too bright, which makes it an ideal color for the bedroom. Shades of blue that looks great in a large bedroom that receives plenty of natural light are teal blue and turquoise. These are saturated and intense blue colors that is just right for a large room. When painting with these schemes, remember to go with chocolate and deep purple colored upholstery and furnishings. White, red and earthy browns are some other colors that go well together with teal and turquoise colored walls of a bedroom.

Blue Paint for Bathrooms

A bathroom in pastel shades like eggshell blue or icy blue looks fresh and neat. Different shades of blue color paints can give a different look and ambiance to a bathroom. If you are looking for a bathroom that gives a cool and calm spa like vibe than go for lighter shades of blue like pale blue, icy blue and iceberg blue. These soft bathroom color schemes gives a very relaxing atmosphere to a bathroom. Also, these shades of blue are ideal if you have a small bathroom. Pairing blue with white colored tiles or even dark blue mosaic tiles in the bathroom is one of the best ways to make a bathroom look interesting.

You can also choose darker shades of blue like midnight blue, cobalt blue and navy blue. These are the best blue paint color for bathroom since it gives the bathroom a dramatic makeover. Pair these bold blue shades with accents of coral, dark brown, green and gray to make the bathroom look bold and dramatic. Neutral colors like chocolate, dark brown and beige looks best when paired with darker shades of blue.

If you are wondering what are some blue paint color names they are turquoise, aqua, aqua chiffon, indigo, icy blue, electric blue, eggshell blue, Tiffany blue, navy blue, sea blue, cool blue, royal blue, teal and sky blue. You can also consult a blue paint color chart, before choosing a shade of blue paint for your home. Blue is one of the most popular color in interior painting and you can use blue colors for kitchens, dining room as well as the lobby and living room.
By Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: 9/19/2011
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