Body Language of Love

I feel there's no need to describe body language of love cause it just happens, just, however, if you still have doubts, then this article will help you clear all of them. Keep reading...
When I said it's tough for me to write such an article, I meant body language love signals are something to be felt and not written, honestly! It's really tough to write what seems to be the best feeling in this world, yet something that can end up being just an illusion, yeah... that's love for you! Can't describe it in plain words, I can't. We have our own mind games, perceptions and butterflies-in-stomach feelings about love...and if you do love someone, then you must surely be knowing what it is and what it feels like to be in...and of course the body language of love.

It's difficult to realize that you love someone, rather accept it, wherein it might take months or years as well, just to realize that you feel for someone, very badly. And trust me, it's something much more than mere attraction, flirting, liking and infatuation and that's what I meant when I said, it's difficult and confusing to go through these phases and realize that it has happened, love has happened! What I really want to emphasize here is, there's a vast difference between liking, strong liking and love, vast difference.

Body Language When Falling in Love

It's a fact that love changes you, yes indeed! You behave and act differently! Love has its own body language... that is unique and special!

Eyes Say it All...
I don't know what people think, but the best body language love signal that proves that you are in love is the eye body language of an individual. Even if people hide their feelings, eyes never can do so, and are bound to express care and love...and if you really know the other person well, there is no way you cannot catch him/her!

That Smile...
Now you know what I am talking about, a smile that is not the usual one, it's something different, something very different, which does not fade away when you are surrounded by him/her. A smile that says everything, almost! No need to speak or show all. Smile and of course eyes, they say it all!

It is natural to get attracted to the person, that special someone, not your just happens, just like love happens. I don't know how and what it is, but you feel safe, secured, over-the-top and happiest, when you are with him/her. There's no other feeling that can surpass you at that moment, nothing absolutely, no friends, no family, nothing!

Being Happy...
It might not be perhaps a two way love, however, you ought to be happy when you realize that you love someone...of course you do! It's true and start looking good all of a sudden...the way you never looked before. And of course no one accepts it, but we all love to impress our love!

S/he All Over Your Mind...!
Believe it or not, but you do get affected by anything..mere anything...he/she does; the way they talk and speak, the way they observe, the way they react and the way they smile..all seems to be unforgettable...and this is 'coz...s/he is right your mind, always!

I am sure you must have felt those "obvious" goose bumps while going through these love signals as they call it and get a smile to your face! Whether it's him or her, there comes a phase in life where you can't control your feelings, absolutely not...and you shouldn't! People say, male body language of love is different than what we gals show, it's somewhat true...guys love to hide and take their own time to realize love, and are not that expressive than probably how we are. However, for us (women), it's not possible to hide; we do realize, accept, feel, and express rather show body language love signals evidently...

Folks, if you could relate to the body language of a man in love signals and female body language of love, given above, congrats! You do know his/her name! Honestly, love to me is too much of understanding...caring...trusting...relying, and above all, being yourself. You will expect in love, you will enjoy, and you will definitely show the love body language signals, will. :)
By Mrunmayi Deo
Last Updated: 10/1/2011
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