Body Toning Workouts for Women

Body toning workouts for women have been in quite a high demand lately. Why not? After all, women today, know the importance of good health and good looks. So, without wasting much time, read the article for help.
Simply losing a whole load of weight is not enough to have the perfect body. One needs to tone up as well. More so, body toning exercises at home, help the women increase their stamina and agility. We all know how important those two are, right! So, while one is working on reducing one's weight and inches, one should also work on toning up. This way, both the activities tend to take lesser time. So, women, here are some good workouts to help tone your body.

Women's Workout Plan for a Toned Body

Workout 1
This one is one of the muscle toning workouts for women. This exercise helps at toning the muscles without making them bulky. Hold dumbbells in each hand. Keep your arms at the sides and your feet apart at hip width. Now, bend your knees enough to have your thighs parallel to the ground, and then stand back up. However, while you stand up curl your hands inwards, whilst rotating your forearms inwards. Turn your wrist outwards and lift up your arms towards the ceiling. Now, lower the arms to your shoulders, rotate your arms, and bring your hands back to the starting position. Repeat this set 10 times.

This exercise helps work on the butt, thighs, arms and shoulders. It also helps tone the back, a little.

Workout 2
For this exercise, sit down on the center of your step, lengthwise. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Make sure that your back is straight. Now, lean forward while extending your hands towards the floor. Place each hand at either side of your legs. Now, squeeze your shoulder blades in. While you do that curl up the dumbbell, and fold your elbows to bring it to waist level. Now, slowly lower the dumbbell back to the starting position.

This exercise helps work on the back, shoulders and arms.

Workout 3
Lie down in a plank position. As in, lie on your stomach, and support your weight on your toes and forearms. Link the fingers of both your hands to each other. Make sure you have a resistance band or a lex loop fastened around your ankles. Hold the position for 15 seconds. Now, spread your legs slowly as far as they can go. Keep your back straight, this will put pressure on your abs as well. Hold the position for 15 seconds. Now, bring your legs back to the original position. Repeat the exercise.

This exercise helps to completely tone your body.

Workout 4
For this exercise, attach a resistance band on top of a door, and kneel down around 3 feet away from the door, facing it. Hold the ends of the resistance band in your hands. Hold the ends at chest level. Now, exhale slowly while you bend down crunching your abs and pulling the resistance band down to knee level. Slowly bring yourself back up.

This exercise works wonders for the butt, arms and abs.

Workout 5
Stand on a resistance band with your feet apart at shoulder distance. Hold the end of the resistance band in your hands. Now, bend down so that your thighs are as close to being parallel to the floor as possible. Hold your resistance band at shoulder level with the palm facing outwards. Now, slowly, stand up while straightening your hands upwards. Pause and return to your starting position.

This exercise works well for the calves, thighs, arms and back.

Other than these five workouts, one can always try out yoga and stretches. These exercises will require warm up before being performed. More so, coupled with cardiovascular exercises, they can help reduce weight much faster. This is where I sign off!! Tone up!
By Rashida Khilawala
Published: 1/29/2010
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