Book 1 Ninja Clan

Joined into one fight. Meed would be the one to stop his friends father from being cursed by blood. And to save those who fight for the cause of peace among the city of Deadwood.
Day 1 Going Home time is unknown and there are no other people that he would want along his side then his best friend Meed. The only person who had been there through his fathers tortures on that day. Those men came into the city and tore away at all those that stood in their way.

And that day was when his father was taken aside and put on a wooden steak and tortured until dawn. It was Meed who had been there to stop them from killing his father. Meed had put an end to the torture as he was the first one there to notice the deeds of the men who were part of a ninja clan. These men would stop at nothing to get what they wanted. They were always causing trouble around here and Meed had been there to free one of the soldiers who was chained up inside a caged box. The sand that was hidden underneath Meeds fingers had been there for quite some time and he had not known that. But the sand begin to fall out of his fingers as his hands came down on top of the ninja that stood near my father that was tied there. Blood trickled from my father as Meed stood there looking down at the one closet to my father. He had taken his sword and brought it down on the other who stood there dumbfounded. That dumbfounded look was gone replaced with a yell of pain. And blood was everywhere on that city road on the East of town.

Day 2 With A Purpose There on that street stood many who had fled from the tortures of that day of dred. One being Meed who had been there looking at all of those soldiers who gave Meed the medal of honor. He had got that medal for his bravery taking down the leader of the clan. That was only for a moment though as many others came that were part of the ninja clan. They came from cities around the city where my father had lived at the time. My father did tell me many stories about who had taken over some of the cities around Deadwood. Meed was inside that store where one of the clan members had been staying. He lived above the store and he was always looking out the window down at the city road. Time had been turned towards my father who had been taken once more and never seen again. My father was taken by the ninja clan and I was to get him back.
It was the morning of the first of the year that I had decided to ask Meed for help in learning the ways of the ninja warrior. Well he had told me that day that what I wanted from him would be of no purpose. That I had made the wrong mistake and that I would end up dead if I went down that path.

My father had been taken away by those ninja clansmen and I wanted to get my father back dead or alive because if he was not alive I would at least get his body and give him a proper burial. Stories had been true and I had made my decision about getting the ninja training. What purpose was it that I had to make? Then making me the ninja warrior I was meant to become. And that was the day of purpose.

Day 3 Somebody's Curse It was long ago when I had discovered that way of the ninja, and had met up with Meed once again on a road that was outside Deadwood. He was studying his ninja on one of the roads that had been abandoned and wanted to make sure that he had not been caught outside Deadwood practicing. It was forbidden among the ninja clan. If they seen him they would kill him. At least try to kill him. He was hard to kill since he had learned the ways of the ninja by one of the best ninja warriors known to the city of Deadwood and around the area. As I approached him he had not even turned to notice me. Instead he had kept on practicing. Then he stopped and took out a parchment of paper with writing on it. There in red letters was the name of my father. And underneath his name was scrolled ( He Will Be Cursed By The Blood Curse). It was in bright red lettering and that was when Meed had looked at me with conviction in his eyes that he had to train me for this. He told me long ago that he would never get involved in this matter even though we were best friends. Those words that had been scrawled down into my brain had stayed with me and now I am being trained into the ninja warrior that I had wanted to be, since I had met Meed. Those days had been long towards my ninja warrior training.
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Published: 2/20/2010
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