Born In Stardust - 2.0

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"I got secrets that nobody, nobody, nobody knows"



When I made it to my room I quickly changed, I suited up in my black one piece thermal swimsuit. Then stepping in and pulling up my full body suit over top. It looks similar to a scuba diving outfit but was specifically designed to keep my body Temperature 96.8 degrees. It stuck to my body like glue and form fitted to all of my curves.

I tied my curly hair up at the top of my head into a pineapple and I made my way to the pool. Ours was small it was as big and luxurious as the higher up, it didn't have a locker room or a shower like the others had. It was just enough.

"Jump in" He ordered, Before I could even step one good foot into the glass doorway. The pool room was encircled with wall to ceiling glass windows and white tiled floors. There was a white bench which August found himself on. He had on a white long sleeve T-shirt that read 'Lifeguard' and read swim trucks. His hair tied up in a man bun. A red whistle resting in between his two front teeth.

"Did you eat?" He asked, looking me straight in the face. His eyes never leaving mine.

"No I didn't get a Cha-"

"Never mind." He tossed me a energy bar and then said, "This should do you until it is time for your lunch, not get in the pool."

"Why are you so bossy?"

"I am your mentor not your friend. I'm here to push you to succeed not hold your hand like your child."

"Well that's basically what you did last night."


"What, So you're going to act like nothing happened last night. Like I didn't see you mid stroke?"

"You didn't see me." He snapped ,"got it, and I didn't see you either."

"Now get in the water," He motioned down towards the water with his pointer finger. The whistle playing in between his lips before a loud ringing sound entered my ears.



My hair weighed down on my head in gentle waves. The freezing water that formed into teardrops leaked from the strands and in a steady pattern dripped down on my legs. I had recognized the bruises familiarly from the day before having to lean on them to clean had made them look worse and made them feel terrible. I sat on top of the bench next to August trying to slowly catch my breath, my elbows resting on my bruises. August being my mentor or partner whatever you want to call it he'd mostly trained me in more physical stuff I noticed maybe he thought it was something that I needed to work on most,

"Good job today, I've never seen someone swim like that you did thirty two laps that's impressive."

"I counted thirty three but thanks" I sniffled.
"Would you like me to accompany you to your room and then to lunch I wouldn't imagine you've made Any friends just yet."

"Actually I did, and I can find my way back to my room just find thank you."

I could say I was more than anxious walking up to the lunch hall. I had already changed out of my swimsuit settling for a white basic tee and black jeans, it's not like I had too much to choose from but to me this outfit would do. This was going to be my first interaction with everyone. This was the only time we all had the chance to come together. it didn't matter your status how long you've been here or what your level was we were all on equal ground here and it was a opportunity to socialize. I made it to the lunch hall and immediately felt intimated, there were swarms of different people everywhere.

There was no way in hell I was going to find Luna in the swarm of bees.

The room was spacious but seemed overfilled with students. The wall to ceiling Windows faced one side showing us the stars, the white grid tile patterned the floors like a puzzle and The metal rectangular tables spaced out uniformly as the students occupied it, I don't know what to expect. I only knew as much about this school as August had told me or what I was told before I tested in to be here. He had said to be careful to never fully trust others Intentions, because in the end we were all in competition. For what? He didn't tell me but he wanted me to be the best of the best and all I wanted to do was to be in space.

"There you are! I thought you wouldn't show." Luna's light voice escaped her lips with a smile. She was wearing a long shirt dress and over the knee socks she wasn't wearing any shoes might I add, just socks. She twined her fingers in mind and pushed passed the students who were in line deciding on what to eat. There wasn't much in the menu,

"This is my brother Lennox." She introduced the boy sitting down at the table she was leading me too, "He's a level six."

When he turned his head towards me something caught my attention. They could have been twins Luna and him, but you could tell he was a couple years older and obviously had been here longer if he was a level six. They had the same silver blonde hair and charming charisma that I could imagine was from genetics. His light eyes traced down my body before a half smile crossed his face. They were cold, his eyes. Not warm like Augusts even when he couldn't stand the look at me they had their warmth.

"Wow your beautiful, I'd love to play around In that curly hair of yours."

"Just ignore him, He tries that on all of my friends."

"Only because you hooked up with my best friend and I'm trying to settle the score."

"Keep a eye on him Sloan." She winked her silver hair trailed behind her like a long trail before she slid in the seat next to him, he watched my movements intently. I slid into the seat across from Luna crossing over my arms and resting my head. I was exhausted after my training with August, I was showing off because I knew swimming was one of my stronger points even though I didn't get the point unless I'd be doing breaststrokes in space which I doubted and he had been underestimating me so often I wanted to prove to him that I wasn't a lost cause after all. I was capable.

"Long day with him huh?"

"Who's him?" Lennox questioned immediately.

"Her partner."

"Really? She's partnered up with a guy that's strange"

"Why would that be strange?" I questioned Lennox, it seemed like he knew a lot more about this school then August led on.

"Don't you know anything? What did he tell you for you at your orientation?"

"Just rules and regulations." I said innocently

"You don't even know what the levels actually are for do you?"


"Guess you gotta learn the hard way."

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